Saturday, February 25, 2012

Love Month - FMC

Grandma's picture was voted "favorite" of this round.
Grandma picked her picture as favorite for her round.  Everyone screwed up guessing playground when obviously, this is a yard sale.

I took a load of pictures that turned out blurry.  I think my mom needs a new camera and the great room needs less lights.  FMC was so, so fun.  The pile of food grows every time we get together.  My favorites were the pretzel stick things and the cake batter rice crispy treats.

We went around the room to see what everyone does to keep themselves from getting the "Winter Blues."  There were lots of good ideas, but Grandma brought us an object lesson.  She makes loads of dish clothes and gives them away but she has never used the multi-colored yarn because she always has thought it was so ugly.  Just recently, she used some that was in the yarn box at the senior center, and learned that it made a beautiful pattern on her dish clothes.  She feels bad that she has always thought how ugly that spool would be.  Then, she told us about a woman she worked with.  Everyday, this woman would wear beautiful, fancy clothes to work.  Grandma sort of judged her never wearing the same outfit twice, and thought the woman must be kind of shallow.  Then, they were assigned to sit next to each other and Grandma said that woman turned out to be one of the nicest ladies she knows and that she regretted having negative thoughts about her.

After all of the "Winter Blues" ideas, we played a couple rounds of Telestrations.  Funnest game ever!  Our favorite round was when the Secret Service Man turned into a transvestite!  Hilarious!

I was so happy about how many FMC members were there.  We had so much fun and even though it's hard to get everyone together, it's worth it.  I really love each member of my family and FMC is a great way to have fun together without all the distractions of kids and other chaos.  We can make enough chaos by ourselves :)
This evening is the bi-monthly (is that right?) Hansen FMC.  It's a secret club for members only.  Tonight's theme is Beat the Winter Blues.  I'm looking forward to a slide show of Anne and Wendy's trip to Hawaii.  I wonder what I'll share ... hmmmm ..... Check back for photos and commentary later!