Sunday, November 28, 2010

Radio City Music Hall Rockettes

My mother's Christmas gift and Marlie's birthday present this year was to attend the Rockettes' Christmas Spectacular with me....and 6 of our closest friends.  It was a fun show!  I was happy to see Marlie clapping and being excited even though she was so tired. 

Alleson and I wondered a little about the Rockettes' careers so I did a little research.  It's estimated they make about $135.00 per show.  They wear heavy costumes and do approximately 1500 kicks during a day of shows.  Usually, their costumes are still soaked in sweat when they have to put them back on for the next show.  The seven numbers they perform require six costume changes.  The girls range in age from their early twenties to their mid-thirties.  During the off-season, they may perform in musical theater, model, dance, improv comedy, audition for television and movies, or just take the time off.  One girl failed the auditions three times.  So she got married and had a baby.  She auditioned again just after having her baby and was accepted as a rookie Rockette. 

I imagined many of the dancers were either in dance school or just coming out of dance school.  I am surprised by the variety of ages, training, and career paths.  Apparently, they lead regular lives until they are called back each year to begin the Rockette season again. 

Frankly, I don't understand dance as a career.  But I have the dance style akin to the Gobble Dance in the Old Navy ad in the Thanksgiving day paper.  Those girls are athletic and tough.  Many of them suffer injuries, mostly knee, lower back, and neck injuries.  They can hardly get home at the end of the night, only to return for 3-5 shows the next day.  They have to splurge if they want to take a cab instead of the subway home.  Whoa.

A few of my favorite co-Thanksgiving eaters

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!! and uh...Happy Thanksgiving.

Christmas started early for me this year.  I've decided to finally act on the empty promise that I make to myself every year that I want to be done preparing for Christmas by Thanksgiving. 


All of my Christmas decorations are up.  I know I do not have a grand tree but I love it so much.  All of the ornaments remind of something very special and together they remind me what a blessed life I have.  To me, the mismatched ornaments that range from beautiful crystal to the sheep with cotton balls I made in Nursery, blend into my favorite Christmas memory.  At least, my favorite memory that is at my own house.

Christmas music is in full swing here and my car.  Christmas cards are sent.    I've been rereading my favorite Christmas book.  I only have one or two gifts left to pick up and a couple to make.  Even the Christmas night lights are out.  And that means something.  All this time, I've been drinking hot chocolate like it's going out of style.

I am going on a cruise in 10 days and I was afraid it would cut short the time I have to celebrate Christmas this year.  I have gone to great lengths to avoid that.  Beginning tomorrow, I am going to as many Christmas events as possible.  EX: Radio City Rockettes, The Forgotten Carols, the Riverdale 3rd Ward Christmas Party with Grandma, the Hansen Christmas Party, Jon Schmidt Christmas, the Sand Ridge Ward Choir Program, and the Hoopernacle.  I'm pretty stoked.

I hope you (whoever you are) can enjoy the whole holiday season!  It's already been one of my favorites.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

my LIFETIME dream

During Campaign 2000, I can honestly say I gave my heart and political loyalty to President George Walker Bush.  Since then, the desire of my heart has been to meet him in person/work for him at the White House/work for him on his Texas Ranch/just hang out/etc.  Any of the above activities would fulfill my need and maybe even help me move on with my life.  Until one of these thing happen, I think I am halted in my current state.

GOOD NEWS!!!  Former president, George W. Bush, will be at the Costco in Sandy, Utah tomorrow to sign his newly released book, Decision Points.  My sister volunteered to try to get me a wrist band in the morning so I can MEET HIM IN PERSON on Friday afternoon!

The pickle is....I'll have James and Jack all day and even if I haul them down there, Marlie will probably get home from school before I can make it back.  Furthermore, add Elizabeth to the equation at 4:45 p.m.  Keep your fingers crossed! 

Public Service Announcement:  Wrist bands grant entrance only to the person/membership card who picked it up.  Tomorrow will not be the day I reach my lifetime goal.  I guess at least I still have a reason to live....but remember, it means I remain halted in my current life station.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I just remembered my teenage dream!!!

I didn't remember this even a little until I saw the announcement of this engagement on the news tonight.

When I was a teenager I decided that my ultimate career goal was to become the QUEEN of ENGLAND.  I didn't find a lot of support for my goal because I live in Utah and am not in the Royal family.  But....I had seen a picture of Prince William, the oldest son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.  He is in line to be the next king.  Therefore, the young women betrothed to him would become the QUEEN of ENGLAND.   So, hello.  That's a realistic plan.  Well, it was a realistic plan.

I'm not sad about it, I guess.  Seeing Prince William at least ten years since I had this goal makes me worry a lot about his long term looks.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Serious Sunday Naps

This week, I'm spending some time with my brother's kids.  It's an adventure.  It's kinda funny how my mindset changed from the stuff tossing around in my mind to tallying the number of dirty diapers there can be on one Sunday morning.  It's a lot. 

Jack fell asleep at about 5 p.m. for a nap.  Not ideal, but I thought a little snooze couldn't hurt.  Marlie, James, and I enjoyed our Swedish pancakes.  I tried to wake Jack up but he won't be disturbed.  You see....he is still asleep. 

I very sneakily made up a batch of brownies that Marlie's nose detected cooking in the oven.  It's amazing how sniffing out brownies is actually a gene passed through generations, I'm sure.  Her and James and I patiently waited for them to cook.  Then.....

Now it is 6:41 p.m., and I can't bribe any one of them awake even for a brownie.  Heaven help us when bed time rolls an hour.

i HEART thanksgiving

Thursday, November 04, 2010


A few weeks ago, I celebrated my 27th birthday.  Number 27 is the birthday that reminds every single woman that she is a burden to her parents and it serves as a reminder to her friends not to judge her.  "Don't you dare judge me, Lizzie."

My birthday was on a Sunday so I like to think the whole weekend was a celebration and all the activities were held in my behalf, which isn't necessarily true.

Friday, I had lunch at Taggart's with Emily and Hannah. Soooo good.  My family party was on Saturday night.  My sister-in-law made me probably my best birthday cake EVER.  On my actual birthday, my mom made me most favorite meal.  Carbs.  Spaetzle, corn, rolls, and chicken.  Yum.  Sunday evening, many of my favorite people came over.  I have really good friends.  I'm kinda wishing I had more pictures of all the partiers.