Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ogden Temple Openhouse

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


 It's hard to believe it, but Baby went to school today!  He is so excited and ready to be there.  Noah loves to learn and soaks up every chance to try something new.  He has a few obstacles to overcome like prioritizing his morning routine.  He slows down to re-organize hangers, Hot Wheels, and trying to walk up the stairs backwards.  I'm all for all of those activities, just not before breakfast.

This year, Noah is 43 pounds and 43 inches, a pound per inch.  He's in the high 80th percentile for children his age for both his height and weight but is exactly proportionate.

At the Kindergarten pre-test, Noah worked like a terrorist to get information out of his teacher.  He really likes to be on the inside track and a step ahead of others.  He tried to trick her four different times into telling him her first name.  We've also practiced the rule of Who is in charge at school?  Noah dejectedly will answer, "the teacher."  And what should you do when she asks you to do something.?  "Do it."  When?  "Now."

This morning he selected his favorite new shirt (that he insisted on buying).  Creepers gonna creep.  Awesome.  This just might be one awesome school year.  When I took his picture I asked, "Are you ready to go to school?"  "I SURRENDER!"  Wonderful.  And he did.

Jake and I dropped him off in his classroom.  He settled right in and told us, "Uh, guys, I'd really like to be alone now."  With that, we excused ourselves.

No kids at home.  Weird.  We stopped for a donut and soda to celebrate.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Box Elder County Rodeo

Jake and I were planning to have our first date at the Box Elder County Rodeo.  Instead, we had a bet to settle and never made it into the arena.  And, it wasn't our first date because we were too excited to go out before the fair ever came around.  We finally made it to the rodeo four years later.
Tammy is pretty much the greatest.  I'm sure she gets tired of the Tracy's but we never get tired of her.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

4th Grade

Abbi started 4th grade this morning at her fourth elementary school.  It sounds a little sad that she has been to so many schools but we feel lucky to be in our permanent home where she can go the rest of the way through her schooling in the same place.  Abbi has done so well in any class that she has been in and quickly settles in with her teachers and friends.  This year, she has a male teacher who is very soft spoken.  I think they will be good for each other, but I hope he pushes her to work hard, too.

When Jake and I met, Abbi was just starting Kindergarten.  We were married before the end of the school year.  I can't believe how time has flown by and how grown up Abbi is.  At her well-child check-up she came in above the 80th percentile for her height and weight.  The doctor says she is very proportional, just ahead of most kids her age.  Abbi is 4'8" and 85 lbs.  Her shoe size has passed mine and is a women's size 6.  Where is my Kindergarten Abbi?!

We are so blessed with Abbi.  She tries so hard to always be kind and happy.  She thinks and plans all the time but on the other hand, her memory is incredible.  Abbi helps us so much with jobs around the house and with her brother.  She's funny and sweet.  She loves to work beside Jake or I when we are doing work around the house or the yard.  Abbi sometimes worries about being a big kid and learning to make big kid choices.  She likes to know what she can do and what is coming up for her.  I love the conversations we have about it when I tuck her in at night.  She comes up with some great ideas.  Abbi loves science, art, cooking, running, video games, and movies.  She likes listening to books while she works on crafts.  And, she loves to learn how things work.

I hope 4th grade is a happy and memorable year for her.  Jake gave her a wonderful father's blessing before we left for school.  Then, she just made us drop her at the curb.  She didn't allow us to walk inside with her this year.

Happy Back to School, Sister!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Things around the house

We have several deer who use our yard as their permanent address.  They love the fruit trees, the garden, flowers, the million types of grass, etc.  They don't love Daisy.  She loves them.

Noah's big boy bedding and curtains - Star Wars.
Daisy was jealous of all the pictures we were taking of the kids.
Abbi's new style we're working on in her room is Zebra and purple.
We have these beautiful blossoms on a spreading vine on our front wall around the yard.  The vines were bright green and the bright orange blossoms surprised us late in the summer.  I love them.  Unfortunately, so do the neighbor's bees.

Friday, August 01, 2014

Bear Lake 2014

Our view from the cabin - Rained all week!

First time to jump off the diving board!
First time off the diving board without a life jacket!
Even Mom jumps off the diving board.