Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dairy Farm Fieldtrip

I took the kids and my nieces and nephews to the dairy farm Uncle Quinn operates.  This time of year they have a lot of calves so Wendy and I hauled them up to Deweyville to help feed them.  Two of the babies were still on bottles and the kids loved holding such a big bottle.  I think they were surprised at how the calves acted {like puppies with too big of bodies}.  The rest of the calves drank milk from pans and a little bit of hay.  Quinn and Chet were so accommodating.  I love to hang out up there.  Chet also gave us a taste of the cheese he makes.  All of the kids LOVED it.  Then, we looked at the machines that milk the cows and how it is filtered and stored in a big tank.  There was a little kitten who followed us around the farm and the kids held onto it as much as it allowed.  It was really hard not to bring it home.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Book Club Invitation

Dear Friends,

I had a great experience that I wanted to share with you.  I read a short book by Sister Wendy Watson Nelson.  It took me less than an hour to read while I sat outside in the fresh air.  I picked up the book called What Would A Holy Woman Do? this morning at Deseret Book.  I think it is based on a talk she gave at a Time Out For Women.

My synopsis:
Sister Nelson was inspired to think more about holiness after traveling with her husband, Elder Russell M. Nelson, to Africa to rededicate a temple.  He walked through the temple to make sure everything was done right and found everything looked just as they had asked until they walked outside.  The words, "Holiness to the Lord", were not on the outside of the temple.  Until they were there, the temple could not be dedicated.

Thinking about it, Sister Nelson asked a few friends to try something with her to see what the outcomes could be.  For three days, not adding to what you already have to do, choose one daily activity and try to "be holy" while doing it.  Her examples of activities range from difficulties and burdens to reading with a child or exercising.

Six women participated and these were some of the lessons they learned:

The desire to be holy brought change.  She was more productive and had more energy.  She learned the importance of spending time with her children {non-distracted} and being more kind to her husband.

She learned that being holy is not too big of goal.  This experiment helped her focus and made her feel like a more capable, better person.

Carol accomplished more and felt good about her priorities.  She felt like there was more purpose to her life and her activities.

The guilt Marilyn carried was taken away because she felt more acknowledged and supported by the Lord.  She kept thinking about perspective, patience, perseverance, and planning.  Marilyn learned that being holy doesn't mean being perfect.

Kate was able to remember advice from her youth that helped her support her husband better.  She was more productive while he was away and said she had a much happier disposition.

Being less critical of others gave her the realization that people are trying to do the best they can.  She didn't procrastinate her tasks and thought more about what she put into her body.

There are many other stories from men and women who heard Sister Nelson's challenge.  From Canada, Russia, and Brazil, members of the Church tried the experiment of "being holy" for three days and each had great experiences. 

Sister Nelson wrote about how gifts are hard to give or send because you never can know for sure what the receiver may really want or enjoy.  She went on about the cultural trend of gift cards but how they too can be lost or forgotten.  Going further, she compared those gifts to the Gift of the Holy Ghost which brings us the gifts {plural} of the Spirit.

The gifts of the Spirit are just examples in the scriptures because the number of gifts is endless.  Elder Bruce R. McConkie taught,
"These gifts are infinite in number and endless in their manifestations because God himself is infinite and endless."

Doctrine and Covenants 60:7 says,
"I am able to make you holy."

The gifts of the Spirit have already been paid for through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  We have access to them all.  Some are granted to us and the rest can be asked for through faith and prayer to our Heavenly Father.

Elder Russell M. Nelson said,
"We can acquire holiness only by enduring and persistent personal effort."

So, my friends, I want to invite you to read this short, little book {you can even borrow my copy} and/or after just reading this post, participate in just ONE DAY {three if you'd like} of doing one daily activity that you have to do anyway trying to "be holy."  And then, share your thoughts about the experiment on a comment here or email it to me for me to put them all together.

I feel so happy that I picked this book up and read it right away.  My books usually sit, indefinitely, waiting to be read.  It really spoke to me and I felt like this is a goal I want to put into my life.  I loved the stories in the book and think you would, too, but to make it more personal, I was hoping we could all put our experiences together.  I am sure it will help me in my pursuit of Holiness.

Please join my challenge.  And, invite other to join to!  :)


Additional Information:
The book is available at Deseret Book for $10.99
{I didn't get paid to write this post or advertise the book.  I just loved it.}


Lord, Make Us A Holy People - Words and Music by Victoria Wilcox

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

Mother's Day Weekend was lots of fun! The kids and I went to City Creek and to eat at Little America before it closes down for six months.  The aunties met us there and we had a big dinner and dessert.  I love the Coffee Shop.
Noah chooses his own clothes these days.
Abbi and Noah at Little America with their dessert.
On Saturday, we took the kids for a surprise to meet Uncle Ross and Cousin Tom at Boondocks for dinner and games.  The kids loved it there.  It was like being in Las Vegas for kids ... no clocks, just swipe your card and play, etc.  We got a lot of tickets {mostly from Uncle Ross's skills at Ski-Ball} and the kids thought it was great to choose a prize.
Dance Dance Revolution with Tom Ballard

Punching Bag with Tom
Wish I had more pictures of Abbi but she was hard to keep up with.
Mother's Day was a beautiful day outside.  After church {and a nap}, Jake took us for a drive and we visited Grandma Hansen.  The kids gave me beautiful cards and a gift they had made at school or at primary.  This was my first year to get something from them so it was pretty great.  They were so excited to give me somethingI am so proud of their work and think there really aren't presents as good as those.
These are beautiful Joey curtains that Wendy made for me out of a shower curtain.  I love them so much!

 And, it's another beautiful day outside today.  It's Jake's and my second anniversary today.  Uncle Jeremy and Lilia took Noah and I for lunch to Uncle Jimmy's.  We were so glad to see Amber feeling good today.  I got to see Jake for a few minutes before he was off to work.  To celebrate our anniversary, I'm getting myself a big Oreo shake when the kids go to bed.  That'll be nice.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

College Graduation ... 7 Years Ago

Top Ten Memories of College
{in no particular order}

1. Lisa grabbing a random butt at a crowded party
2. Driving to Bear Lake with Lisa {corn on the soap}
C. Napping for hours every Sunday on Lisa's floor
3. The Words of Wisdom posted in the kitchen {thank you, Lisa}
4. Skipping class for horseback riding lessons {I hate horses}
5. Loading my coat with straws and forks at Wendy's
6. Watching some guy try to blow out Sterno
7. Getting a new nephew, James
H. Talking to Marlie on the internet
9. Almost failing my last final to watch the ROTC exercise
10. Walking across the stage and straight out the door

Honorable Mention: Being voted the Least Known Apartment after living there for two years.

Monday, May 06, 2013

Stepping Stone Award: Perseverance

Each month, students are nominated and recognized during an assembly for being an example of the character trait the school studied that month.  Abbi was nominated and given an award for perseverance!

Her teacher {Miss Pietsch} said, "Abigale perseveres by doing her best every day.  She works hard to set a great example for her peers.  Abigale stays focused and finishes her assignments on time.  She is eager to learn and always comes prepared.  Also, Abigale strives for excellence by learning from her mistakes.  It has been a pleasure to have Abigale in my class."

We are so proud of her!  It's fun {but extremely loud} to watch the school assemblies.  Grandpa Hansen came and gave Abbi a million bucks!  

The first picture is very blurry but it's Abbi running to the headmaster.  Last year, when she earned an award in an assembly, she was shy and embarrassed.  This time, she was proud to be up there!

Abbi has had a great school year!  She has changed so much by becoming confident in her school work and with friends.  We'll always be happy that she was able to transfer to the charter school!

Thursday, May 02, 2013

642 Things to Write About

642 Things to Write About

Put two people who hate each other in an elevator for 12 hours.  What happens? 

My family has two good friends who are older women.  The first one was our friend longer than I've been a live.  She was sneaking up on 100 when she passed away.  Although she was quiet, she was very smart, opinionated, and wealthy.  She never married and used her life up serving and helping others.  The second friend moved near us when I was about 12 years old.  Other than not being as quiet and being married, she is quite like the first.  They both are great examples of sharing their talents and serving others.

Imagine our surprise when our first friend told us that she and the other are not friends and don't care for one another.  We thought is was kind of funny because they are both so friendly and kind that you wouldn't imagine either would have ill feelings toward the other.  Nothing ever happened between them but I guess that's how friend number one felt.

For amusement, they are the two people who I have stuck into an elevator for 12 hours.

Polite smiles but silence.
Friend One is a bit more stubborn and just looks straight ahead.
Friend Two breaks the silence after just a minute.
"How are you, Friend One?"
"Fine, thank you."
"Are you enjoying the spring flowers?"
"Yes, thank you."

After only ten minutes stuck in the elevator, Friend One hits the alarm to call for help.  After getting no response, they pull many useful instruments from their purses.  {I guess that answers the question about why old women have such heavy purses.}  Together, they pull the cover over the mechanics and get to work.  Friend One has read a book about elevators and Friend Two is handy in the garage.  Once the work begins, they begin chatting.  A few tweaks and tightened nuts and bolts, and the elevator jumps back to work.  They   are both pleased with their work and congratulate one another.  They're all smiles and have learned much about each other while they worked.  Each repacked her respective handbag and the elevator came to a stop.  The doors opened and they both stepped off.


Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Noah's Sidebar Sayings

I want to make sure these get into our blog book when it gets printed.... they are the silly things Noah says and that I post on the sidebar of the blog.  He's ridiculous.

Me: "Noah, put on your clothes."
Noah: "Why are you talking Spanish today, Mom?"

Me: "Excuse me. Where is the bathroom?"
Noah: "Yeah! I gotta take a dirty stink!"

Me (at FHE): "What is special to you about the Church?"
Noah: "the Hulk"

Noah: "I just ate a candy downstairs."
Me: "That's a bullion cube."

Me: "Church is over."
Noah (with his hands in the air): "Run for your lives!"
Me: "I thought I asked you to put on some pajamas."
Noah: (jumping on the bed) "What are ya going to do? Spank my butt?"
Me: "I'm thinking about it."
Noah: (still jumping) "Well, you'll get poop on you because there is poop on my butt!" (really he was clean)

Noah: "Mom, you gotta clean up my mess."
Me: "Why should I do it?"
Noah: "Because you want to."
Me: "Why would I want to?"
Noah: "Because you like to clean up my messes."

Noah: "You make me nuts."
Me: "Awesome. You still have to wear underwear."

Noah: "I-love-you-I-just-farted." (a one-word sentiment)

Noah: "Listen up, you old lady!"

Noah: (Sitting on the toilet on my birthday) "That's a birthday stink." After closer inspection he changed his mind... "And there's a Halloween one in there, too!"

Noah asked for everything we walked by at Target in January.
Me to Abbi: "I think Noah is going to be disappointed for Christmas."
Noah: (still looking at everything) "I hope I'm disappointed for Christmas!"

Noah: "Star Wars is the BEST movie ever, right Mom?!"

Noah: "Mom, I'm good and ready for you to take the garbage out."

Noah: {clapping in the middle of the night}
Me: "Why are you clapping?"
Noah: "Because I'm happy, of course."

Noah: {talking to himself in the bathroom} "Of course we'll throw poo at them!"
Me: "What?!?"
Noah: "I'm just being a monkey from Madagascar, Mom. Don't worry."

Noah: {watching a moist toilet paper commercial targeted at women} "Mom, do you want those for your birthday?"
Me: "No. I don't."
Noah: "But you would look so cute with them!"

Me: "If you could change your name to anything, what would you choose?"
Noah: {without missing a beat} "Spit. I want to be called Spit."