Monday, February 27, 2012

Love Month - Monday

Dear Joey,

I'll tell you what I love about Monday.  I love being the first test of the week.  I love to test you with the alarm clock.  Will she hear it?  If she does, will she get up?  Will she ignore it?  Will she hope Jake gets up instead?  Then Abbi gets off to school and you face the same test again.  Are you getting back in bed?  Are you going to get ready to leave for work on time?  

Just a bit later, you arrive at work.  Late, of course.  The next tests come in quick succession.  One after another, faces come up to you with requests, demands, excuses, bad news, poor performance, or rotten attitudes.  Once in a while, a face walks by with a smile.  Good thing for the smile.  The test is how will you respond.  Will you remember that they haven't teamed up against you?  Will you remember that they are individuals and not a terrorist group?

How will you respond?

Q: Can you do this right now?
Q: Joey, can you do something for me right now?
Q: Joey, I need to talk to you.
Q: Joey, come to my office.
Q: Can I talk to you?
Q: This person didn't show up.
Q: I need this paperwork filled out.
Q: Do you know what happened while you were gone?
Q: I'm not supposed to have my phone at the registers?
Q: Who do I report you to?
Q: Move me back.
Q: I guess I'm not going to work today then.
Q: I'm going to throw my phone, I'm so mad.
Q: Can you correct this test right now?
Q: Did you do a break schedule yet?
Q: I'm going to be a couple hours late.

My favorite part about being Monday means I have special powers.  I can make all of those things happen before 10:30 a.m.  And all the while, you'll be worrying about them, plus whatever might be happening at home, or whatever Abbi might be doing at school, or other important people who have to deal with bad stuff today, plus think about how you can be better at housekeeping, and look at the candy bar in front of you while you remember that you and Jake were going to start eating healthy today.

I'm going to stick with you for about 12 more hours today but then you'll get a break until our next standing appointment.  Same time next week?  Does that work for you?

Best regards,



I don't hate your guts.  I know you're special and you like to be different than the other days.  I like you for the long morning I have before coming to work.  I like you because Abbi is so happy before school and prays about what a good day she is looking forward too.  I like you because I get to watch Noah play on my iPad in bed while I get ready for work.  I like you because, usually, there are leftover Sunday snacks that I pack in my purse for work.  I like you because it makes people around me smile when I growl.  I like you because I get to try every week to like you a little more.  You can terrorize all you want, but I'm going to enjoy you.  I have a cold Diet Coke and a Twix.  I have a few friendly people and happy faces.  I have plenty of work to keep me busy.  And best of all, I'm wearing my old J. Crew dress that hasn't faded, I have a new coin pearl necklace from Hawaii, I put on mascara today, and I even did my hair.  So, bring it on.  I already won.

Smell you later,