Friday, February 03, 2012

Love Month - "Grounhog" Day

 I told the kids we were having groundhog for dinner tonight.  I meant to make up some little shaped meatloafs but the day got away from me, like it usually does.  So while the "groundhog" defrosted and then browned on the stove, I colored a little sign.  In my opinion, my artwork has really improved recently.  Also, in my opinion, my spelling has obviously tanked.  Happy Grounhog Day everybody!
 During dinner, Abbi said that she is a groundhog.  Noah said he's a big bad wolf.  Also, he said this is the most delicious dinner he's ever had.  I really love these kids.
 We had Groundhog Helper, Groundhog Salad, and Groundhog Juice.  Then, as luck would have it (because the Bug was really wishing for a family party), the Indians were at Grandma's house tonight, so we took our Groundhog Delight to share.  There was a little path through our brownies because, apparently, a mini groundhog dug his way right through our dessert.

 Jack doesn't prefer Groundhog Delight.  He likes pirates and pretzels.
Amber secretly loves chocolate, I know it.


Wendy H. said...

That groundhog in your picture really looks like a groundhog. Congratulations. Also I'd like to know why Noah's not wearing pants.