Monday, July 29, 2013

Hot, Hot July 2013

Yellow Belt Test
Amber's Birthday
Marlie, Abbi, James, Jack, Noah
Cody & Wendy's Birthday Party

List of Memories from July 2013
  • Abbi finished her volleyball intramural and LOVED it
  • We celebrated Old Glory Days
  • Abbi took her Yellow Belt test and passed
  • Noah got a ribbon from tumbling
  • Joey went to her first Tracy family gathering
  • Reunited with a couple Jake baptized in Brazil over 11 years ago
  • Uncle Ben and Jill spoke in church and left to South Africa on their mission
  • Lots of swimming and playing with cousins
  • Sleep-over in Plain City with cousins
  • Birthday parties with Amber, Cody, and Wendy
  • Sleep-over in Draper with sisters
  • Splash pad with Lisa & Hailey and Kayli, Jace, & Ethan

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Best use of my time

Abbi was outside with her friend.  Noah put himself down for a nap.  Jake wasn't home yet.  So, of course, I had time on my hands.  Therefore, the dog got eyebrows.  I laughed myself sick.