Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy #5 James!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

The State of Me

Distinguished guests and fellow Americans, the Constitution declares that information regarding the State of the (Me), should be given from time to time.  For the 3rd annual State of Me Address, I wish to garner the support of my supporters and I wish to ask those who don't support me, why are you reading this?  Amidst a turbulent 2010, the 'Me' still got some stuff accomplished.  Also, much was left undone through procrastination, neglect, forgetfulness, or lack of motivation.  For example, why doesn't the upstairs hall need an empty dresser?

I reached out a hand to the international community.  I'm pretty sure that international relationships have now been strengthened as I currently have a boyfriend in St. Maartin.  I don't know his name or anything but I bet we could find him exactly where I left him.  Also, I met people from the Philippines, Indonesia, Netherlands, Ireland, Austria, and Great Britain.  2010 was a record year for international relations.

I am hopeful about the economy and the 'Me' economic situation.  2010 did not put the 'Me' ahead or behind.  The economic goals stated in the 2010 address were fruitless, minus the vacation.  I hope 2011 can be a banner year for a provident lifestyle.  I anticipate that this will be the year to work within a budget.  I will invest in what the 'Me' needs and sacrifice what we don't. 

During the season defined as the "Promise of Change," I made a master list of projects to improve the infrastructure of my home.  There are key players in this movement.  Although I represent the entire 'Me,' I am realistic about accomplishing this on my own.  (plumbing, sewing, drilling, moving big stuff, etc.)  I look forward to working with many organizations and individuals with these tasks.

2011 will reflect my renewed focus on terrorism.  I will not negotiate with terrorists.  Furthermore, I will try not to be a terrorist either.

I am inspirited with the feeling of anticipation for 2011.  "We have finished a difficult year. We have come through a difficult decade. But a new year has come. A new decade stretches before us. We don't quit. I don't quit. (Applause.) Let's seize this moment -- to start anew, to carry the dream forward, and to strengthen our 'Me' once more. (Applause.)" 

A special thanks to The Huffington Post, the Thesaurus, the number 17, and to viewers like you.

Monday, January 03, 2011

retiring the 2010 "to-do list"

2010 has come and gone.  I've decided there are a lot of pieces of 2010 that aren't invited into 2011.  To assist in leaving 2010 behind me, I must delete the sidebar "never ending to-do list" and the "to-done list."    It was kind of fun to move stuff to the to-done list, but obviously, I didn't get to move items that often. It's too hard to predict what I can or cannot accomplish in any given year.  For example, January 1, 2010, I wrote down to not get a pet.  Then I got a puppy.  Then I returned the puppy 14 hours later.  Proving that at one point I new what I was capable of but then I still failed to follow through.  As a result, 2011 doesn't have a to-do list.  The only to-do list it has, is not to have one. 

never-ending to-do list
be 100% agreeable for 24 hours - impossible, no one is perfect
be early for work 10 X in a row - impossible, there is no reward
build an emergency fund before vacationing - i didn't even really make an effort
complete Personal Progress Honor Bee - in progress
cook using the crock pot - overwhelming
create an animal illustration how-to book - unreasonable
deliver Wii game - embarrassingly too late
go to the zoo - lost my will to go
interact with a trained monkey - impossible, never even saw one
keep chair free of debris - impossible, I'm lazy
learn to make sweet and sour chicken - irrational and for the best
lose 20 lbs. - impossible, I already said I'm lazy
make curtains for bedroom - forgetful
make homemade cinnamon rolls - probably for the best that I didn't
make window treatments for downstairs - forgetful
memorize 1 song on the piano - forgetful
paint my bathroom - pipe dream
paint my bedroom - where would I put my bed?
read appliance handbooks - why?
read the Old Testament - I gave it a good shot
refinish music table - not totally ignored but still undone
refinish rocking chair - pipe dream
research Grandma Stone's family - still interested
set-up a cleaning routine - thought about it
set-up digital frame pictures - dropped the cord behind the piano
surprise the children - forgot to be surprising
take a lunch to work 10 X in a row - in my dreams
take all my pills every day for a week - scary

never-ending to-done list
apply for a passport
attend the state GOP convention
clean inside of car
decorate a cake
get planters for the porch
get rid of boxes in the garage
go to a symphony
have a cruise mentor meeting with Uncle Ben
help decorate Mom's house
make Dad chocolate-chip applesauce cookies
make homemade Ande's mints
memorize a scripture
mend 1 item of clothing
organize holiday decorations in the basement
paint something to hang up
paint the kitchen and stuff
party it up at girls' camp
put photos in an album
read 1 book a month
send a letter in the mail
send a surprise to California
send Rachel a letter
teach Katherine the table runner pattern
use my passport!!!
write in my journal