Monday, December 15, 2008

20 Things About mE

  1. When I stretch out on my bed, I can't touch 2 sides at once.
  2. I buy children's shoes....not from children, just children sized. They are such a good deal.
  3. My spirit may be a music spirit. I don't have more than 15% music talent but I feel so full after listening to a great performance.
  4. I once put my pet fish, Buddy, to sleep. He was old and sick. Benadryl puts me to sleep and it puts fish to sleep too.
  5. One night, I laughed so hard I had a severe asthma and panic attack. What once was funny turned out to be a little frightening.
  6. I have an unexplainable connection with George W.
  7. I have the memory of an 80 year old who doesn't have a good memory.
  8. My patience is thin.
  9. I love my family more than anything else.
  10. I could eat breakfast for practically every meal.
  11. Sometimes I cry over fictional stories more often than factual stories.
  12. Although I have kindness inside me, I have a terrible struggle initiating kindness.
  13. I am related to Tom Thumb. His name is Charles Stratton and he was 3.5 feet tall.
  14. I wonder a lot about what life would be like now if I had served a mission.
  15. During college, I woke up every morning at 6am to read the paper, watch the news, and eat cheerios.
  16. I'm way more scared than I'll ever look.
  17. After a little practice, I'm a champ at Guitar Hero.
  18. My nicknames include: Joseph, Jo, Guisepe, Sparky, Jubb, Jubby, Jubbio, BFR, Punk, Rat-Faced Dog, Froggy, Little Friend, etc.
  19. I am searching out a way to be a homemaker. If that means unemployment, I'm okay with that. I just need to find a sponsor.
  20. I just want someone to tell me what my next step is and how to take it.

Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a note with 20 random things, shortcomings, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end choose 20 people to be tagged and tell why you tagged them. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

I am tagging: anyone who reads my blog. Now you've read're committed. But tell me when you do it so I can read them!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

"I'll be thankful when this is over."

Even though Thanksgiving is my least favorite eating holiday, it was pretty great this year.

It started on Wednesday night with a girls' night out to Twilight. I really was looking forward to loving that movie. I don't. Lisa and I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning doing next to nothing....but I liked it.
I really liked spending the day at home on Thursday. I was supposed to make dessert but my mom made 6 pies. Instead, Marlie and I made place setting Turkeys. When we started our project Marlie said, "Actually, I hate Thanksgiving." On the radio a few days ago I heard about a study that concludes children cannot grasp gratefulness until they are 7 years old. I figure none of us really grasp gratefulness or we wouldn't celebrate it just once a year.
After our feast, a few of us took a nice walk up the Weber River Trail. That's where things took an odd turn. I was trying to take a picture of my mom and I and all the sudden she went crazy and was trying to hug me and kiss me. Honestly, I can't remember the last time my mom kissed me. Sick.
When we came home from our walk I showed my brother and sister the picture of my mom trying to kiss me. It's just so weird to all of us but then Jimmy went crazy and hugged and kissed Anne. Whoa. That's probably never happened. Then he did it to me. He asked why wouldn't he hug us and kiss us because we are his baby sisters. There must have been something in the turkey.

Although the kids in my family are all adults now, we barely made it through my mom reading all our "thankfuls." There was whining, groaning, stabbing with crutches, etc. Jimmy said, "I'll be grateful when this is over." My mom does so much to make the holidays great for us. We have our own family traditions and she makes then great every year. Maybe one day we'll (I'll) be more grateful to her more often.

The holiday weekend ended with my dad and I running errands and doing some shopping. My dad is selfless and generous with his time and means. We (I) could be a little more grateful a lot more often to him.
What a good Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

my enemy

My bedroom and the bathroom are hooked together and apparently the walls in my house are not any thicker than a flannel sheet. I've tried everything (other than actually repairing it) to get the water to stop running. The water is getting sucked out the flapper so the floaty thing goes down and the water trickles into the tank non-stop.

Have you ever heard water running and need to go? Try sleeping through that. I laid in my bed imagining I was listening to a beautiful garden fountain. 3 hours later I fell asleep. You probably thought, "Just turn off the water, Joey." And I thought, "Thank you. I never thought of that." Except I did and I can't get the knob to turn.

I know all of my blog readers wanted to know about my toilet issue. Maybe I'm just testing your loyalty.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

new roommates!

Let me begin by telling you that Shane is not one of my new roommates. Tammy and Collette are. Before they moved in we did one billion projects from painting to furnace filter changing.

They moved in the other night. After unloading, what seemed like an enormous amount of goods, they went back for a second load.....with 3 vehicles! After unloading another overwhelming load of stuff, I learned that there was still a little more stuff that needed to come. My living room has space for us to get out the back door in an emergency. It may take some time to figure out how to shove our stuff all in here together. I'm afraid we haven't mastered the "work smarter, not harder" theory.

Overall, I'm pretty excited to have them here.

Friday, October 10, 2008


Birthdays are the greatest day of the year. Everyone deserves a celebration, whatever kind they want. Memorable birthdays for me are:

#8 - My teacher made the day good at school. I don't remember how but I liked it. Right after school, my mom helped me get ready for my baptism. Lots of family came, but I can't remember everyone. My 2 grandmas gave the talks. I don't remember the talks but I do remember they made me feel pretty special. I got my first set of scriptures too. It was a good birthday.

#12 - My parents took me, my sisters, and my brother to the Ogden Temple to do baptisms for the dead. This is when I really started to love the temple. I think we did family names. The temple workers learned it was my 12th birthday. They were so good to me.

#16 - I don't remember too much but I do remember that my family and friends made it a special day for me. It seemed like I got away with a lot.

#18 - Not super special but memorable. My friends took me to breakfast before school, I had to race to class to take a biology test, I started a brand new job and worked 8 hours, had to run straight to City Council Meeting to receive some award, and when I got home a few family members were waiting for me. I missed dinner. The day seemed long and my thoughts were drawn to my cousin who lost her mom on her 18th birthday.

#19 - I lived in New Jersey. It was a rough time. I had a few friends from institute though. My family and a friend mailed me a couple packages. My one good friend's mom was in town and they took me out to dinner. It was odd we had a table in an empty area. But then 15 people I hardly knew, and who hardly knew me showed up. It was a suprise party! It was so great! Really, I learned some great lessons in New Jersey and love and miss my institute family.

I'm not sure how old I was on a couple other birthdays, but my dad and I have gone to the temple together. They are good memories.

I don't especially remember too much about birthdays or gifts. What I love about birthdays is the chance I have to be thankful for all my blessings. Birthdays are like Thanksgiving, New Years, and Christmas rolled into one day. I'm glad I have the chance to reflect on my last year and look forward to the next. Mostly, I'm thankful for my family and friends who fill each of my years.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Relief Society Broadcast

The speakers were so great! I could have listened to them all night. I was even wishing President Uchtdorf would have gone on and on. After feeling the inspiration to improve my own efforts, I have determined to set a realistic goal and go forward. Unfortunately, knowing myself, sometimes I hear moving talks by Church leaders and feel the Spirit whispering to me and still I don't change. I write a few notes but then turn the page.

But....this time is different. Here's the deal: this week I have been thinking that I may be in a little bit of a rut. I don't want to minimize my blessings but I haven't moved forward in a while. Last night, I received the antidote to my situation. The sisters spoke on varying topics but had one common theme - service. Serving in my calling, serving as a member of Relief Society, and serving in the temples. Reaching outside of myself is the cure for what I'm feeling. Plus, besides serving, I can spend my time creating - all sorts of things. And creating can be service too. Developing myself is a good way to spend my time and will bring satisfaction (from what I understand).

Let's get down to brass tacks - I'm going forward with full force. There are opportunities to serve every time I turn around. There are opportunities to improve my skills and talents. I am a little ways from perfect but I can at least take a step. That's the goal....a step at a time. Wish me luck!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Aspiration: Be A Bum

definition: to somehow support myself and remain or increase social activity while decreasing the time obligated to structured activities (ie: employment)
objective: to be obligated to as little as possible while still maximizing happiness


  1. no work = no work stress
  2. when fun happens, i'll be available
  3. in case i ever lose my job during rage i won't go through "failure depression" because i will have actually made a step towards my goal
  4. less people will be fighting against my existence
  5. could find some sort of fun, punk-kid type job
  6. save a ton because i'll be forced to move in with someone
  7. overall, i'd appreciate a lot of things about being a bum


  1. only have my income until i become uncontrollably honest
  2. can't live independently if i succeed in becoming a bum
  3. a lot of this seems selfish
  4. won't actually save a ton because i won't make as much
  5. may impede goals that are "wildly important"
  6. even if i have the time, i won't be able to afford all the fun that happens
  7. have to give up a few major assets
  8. my happiness may become shallow and temporary
  9. my time will become less valuable, thus taken for granted
  10. this all may mean i take for granted what i already have

I guess after thinking this all through it may not be what I really want. The grass was seeming greener on the other side until I really thought out what I'd lose. I do like all of the things I get to do and the things I have. Maybe if I learn to appreciate them more I'll watch my tongue, soften my heart, and protect what I've got.

Lesson Learned: Bums may not have the life it's cracked up to be.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I'm trying! Again....

I just wrote, and deleted, a post reflecting awful aspects of my personality. I have decided there is no reason to air my dirty laundry, right? They had to do with things like sneaky anger, dirty dishes, grandpa's dead wife, not excelling in my calling, i killed my fish, etc. Plus...if I make those things public then they'll be harder to put in the past. And so instead I am going to try to give a few examples of my redeeming qualities. Hopefully, by spending time thinking about good things instead of poor things, I'll change my perspective (about me) and be a better person (someday). If I'm going to invest time in improving my quirks, I should probably choose good ones.

  1. i don't mind telling people about stupid stuff i do (in fact, i can't help but tell)
  2. i made some really great cookies last week
  3. i've been to institute twice so far!
  4. i try to do my job well
  5. i try not to say everything i think
  6. i take pleasure in keeping a clean, organized house
  7. i'm good at sudoku
  8. i have creative aspirations
  9. i pretty much really like my family
  10. i really appreciate what my friends and family do for me
  11. i feel pretty good about the gospel

Of course, I can still work on all of the aforementioned items but they are a worthy use of my time. It's gotta be better than the alternatives, right? I'm always in the market for new hobbies and stuff so maybe I should make these my new hobbies. I'm not feeing real great about the way I am now, of course I've proven I can't change overnight, but maybe I'll have fewer regrets if I give it my best shot. So anyway.....

Lesson Learned - When the time for action comes, the time for preparation has passed.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

facebook fast

I have a problem. I'm not qualified to make a diagnosis but I may be addicted to I don't know why I am so drawn to it. I wonder if in the last couple hours someone updated their status, maybe someone posted new pictures, maybe someone did something funny, the list goes on.... I imagine that if someone's status was actually life-changing, I wouldn't need facebook to hear about it. I'd bet that I don't need to know if I have 60% or 87% in common with a friend I haven't actually spoken to in years. Even if I want to know this stuff, I don't need to keep up with the "mini-feed" like I'm watching for a hidden message to save the world, right? I need help.

I will make a case in favor of facebook:
1. I can keep in contact with family members I wish I was seeing in person (sometimes the contact is actually just me checking out their page though).
2. Good friends from the past have come out of the woodwork.
3. I have gotten to know some friends better...I'd like to think we are now "good" friends.
3. I like the flair that Anne sends - it's funny. I don't post it all but it's still all funny.
4. Bishop Valletta was sent a package of M&Ms via facebook. He was disappointed to learn there wasn't a physical package of M&Ms coming his way.

I need to prove to myself that I have this facebook addiction under control. Beginning Friday at 12:01 a.m. until Monday at midnight, I will be on facebook fast. Thank you very much for your support. If you were here, right now, I would shake you warmly by the hand.

I can't wait until Tuesday!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Dad Took Me To Work

After 24 years and 10 months of begging, my dad finally took me to "Take Your Kids to Work Day." I'm sure it couldn't have been nearly as fun in the past as it was today. When I was younger, he didn't work with the police and fire departments, have a trail to walk on, or a hot dog BBQ. Today....he does:

I'll tell you what actually dad really, really wanted Marlie and James to come to the "Kids to Work Day," but because they are under 7, they had to have an adult (that's me) with them. At least I got the t-shirt, huh?

After the 4 1/2 hour fun-packed adventure, I took a refreshing nap. I needed it to gear up for swimming at the Riverdale Employees Swim Party.

Although I had an overall, good experience, I do have a couple regrets:
1. that I don't have a picture of my and my dad from today - it was his "take your kid to work day" - done and done
2. that I mentioned I knew one of the firefighters
3. that my dad told the firefighter I know that I checked him out - I did not!
4. that I told my mom the embarassing "checked out the fireman" story and he was behind me
5. that I drank some random soda at the swim park, that I thought was mine - I even crunched the ice

Better luck next year,I guess!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm trying!

Is there something you try to change but it's nearly impossible to do it? I cannot, for the life of me, naturally be nice. For the last 2 weeks I have attempted to say nice things in place of the automatic sarcastic or mean thing that comes to mind. This has caused me several awkward moments. I have to think through several drafts of appropriate responses before I speak, type, or text. One time, after hearing a stupid story, the best thing I could come up with was "thank you." Although I have made my best effort, I continue to be accused of meanness. When this occurs, I have felt sick to my stomach while offering the most sincere of apologies. For my feelings on apologies check out my other blog, I feel so disappointed in myself when the badness slips out. Anyway...I just wanted to put it out on the worldwide web (which is on computers now) that I am making a genuine effort to increase my niceness and decrease my meanness. It sure isn't happening over night. Be patient.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Paul Mathews

Maybe I've never told you about my previous faithful home teacher. His name is Paul. Unless you know him and you know me, this may not be funny. I laid there for at least a full 10 minutes. Trust me. It is funny.
By the week after this incident, we were paired up in a blind-fold, egg balancing game. We lost. I led him 30 yards further than the turn-around point, attempting to run him into Willard Bay. I was provoked. Jennie Wilder made me do it.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Apparently, I have prematurely announced a post that continuesto be unavailable to my general readership. Until I have procured the photographic evidence, I have chosen to prove to any and all skeptics, that I am not lonely and I have plenty to do. The following is not an exclusive summary of my doings.
#1 - Watercolor - I got a set of watercolors from my boss. It came with a brush and 8 colors. I can now illustrate any story told to me, by request, and then mail the signed original to the story teller.
#2 - Piano - I'm afraid I let myself get a little rusty. I've been practicing. My goal is to meet or beat my previous ability (which shouldn't be tough).
#3 - D.I. - The other night I bought a few things. For $17.00 I got 4 shirts, 2 puzzles, 1 CD, and 1 picture frame. I have now worn 2 of the shirts, displayed a photo in the frame, started one puzzle, and gave the other one away. It turns out that for the life of me, I cannot figure out how the heck to know which piece goes where. But I now vow: I will not pick this puzzle up until every piece has been jammed into nearly the right place.#4 - Handiness - There are projects that have been waiting quite some time to be completed. This is the evidence that the closet door that sat next to the dryer, for one year, is now in operational mode. I do not mean to imply that I hung it myself. I do not mean to imply that I helped the person who did hang it. What counts is that it's done.
This concludes your short look into my spare time. Anyone is welcome to join me in my endeavors.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Something great is coming...

I'm awaiting the photographic evidence but will soon post something almost spectacular. The circumstance nearly equals the time I saw a Happy Gilmore fight in real life. You know, when Happy pulls that guy's shirt up over his head and wraps it around him. Anyway....I can't wait!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Ethical Question of Pie

As a correspondent to Joey's paperless diary, I would like to share the highlights of my tour of the Centerville DI yesterday afternoon:

1) Joey wears a festive apron at work.
2) She is just a little small young person who works with a bunch of adults.
3) The Centerville DI does NOT smell; it is pleasantly odorless; and
4) Its merchandise is arranged in a visually appealing manner (Joey and I both appreciate the Oprah tip of color-coded clothes), AND
4.5) The floors are so clean you could eat off of them. I've heard enough stories that I probably WON'T EVER eat off of them. But they are very clean.
5) Rumor has it that people come to the DI to exercise. You read right - not "to look at secondhand exercise equipment", but "exercise".
6) The Centerville DI does NOT carry "rad funkin retro" clothes. And finally,
7) Joey and her coworkers have secretly hoarded no less than 100 Marie Calendars pie tins. I wonder whether her blog readers would find it ethical or unethical for Joey's coworkers to turn donated pie tins in for free pie. This is an entirely hypothetical scenario of course.

Back to you, Jubby!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

i do like some people....

I'm sure everyone has the "cutest" nieces and nephews....but I do. It's so suprising how they have each developed their own personalities.

Marlie has so much to say about everything in the world. I was in college when she started talking. We talked on voice instant messaging a few times a week. Now she gives me unsolicited advice and a personal narration of all her thoughts.
James can climb a bare wall and make trouble in an empty room. Even with all his trouble, he loves to give hugs and is happy to see everybody.

Jack is always happy. I'm pretty sure he watches the other two real close, so it won't take him long to catch up.

I like them so much! I don't think I could like anyone anymore than I like them.

Monday, June 09, 2008

the Pena wedding

Two years since they met, a year and half since they started dating, nine months of engagement, and 16 hours of wedding......

The whole day was great, I couldn't have had a better time (practically), and Kayli and Jon are pretty much hilarious. I never got tired of wedding guests asking me about my marriage horizon but I did get tired of bending three thousand times to move the train a quarter inch for the photographer. My old bishop couldn't come to grips with the fact that I'm not on my way to the alter, old neighbors use the old "always a bridesmaid" thing, I learned a thing or two about how to know when to hold a guy's hand, etc.... All real helpful advice. Thanks everybody. Now that I know all this, I don't think I'll be able to dodge the alter before 2018.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Counting My Blessings

Last night, I had a small pity party. No one one invited. When it began, I gave myself a time limit. I was driving home and I decided that by the time I got there, I had to be done feeling so bad for my own dumb self. I was pitiful enough that I when the light turned red I thought, "of course that would happen to me." I was trying to think of how to pull myself out of it, before I got home, because I figured I would be alone now.....Kayli has started moving out.

Five minutes into my drive, I was done with my bawl-baby crying. Even when I try to be a sorry stupid head, I can't ever make it last that long. Maybe I don't have the attention span. Luckily, when I got home, Kayli and Jon were still here. We didn't have especially exciting conversation, just catching up, but I was so glad to see them! Kayli really is where I need her, when I need her. I am going to miss them so much.

So what I've done here is......I added a few pictures of some good times I've got to have in the last several weeks.

Top - I got to have a fun night with Kayli for her bridal shower and ice cream after.

Next - Dad took me on the frontrunner train to SLC. We ate at the Lion House Pantry.

This one - Our ward went on a relief society retreat. I was worried no one would come and instead, 27 girls came! It was so fun!
Last (and not least) - Katherine, Katie, Melanie, and Lisa came over to my house and we had the best treats ever! We were celebrating Katie's CRC test. These little chocolate cups have strawberries and raspberries and whip cream! Mmmmmm........ So as it turns out, I don't have a reason to host any pity parties. I should host fun parties. I'm gonna work on that.

lesson learned: the more time I spend with others, instead of wondering about what they do or don't do, the happier I'll be.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

reality television

I want to get something out on the table.....sometimes I watch reality t.v.

It started in 2003:
The Apprentice: I admit that I watched this for maybe 3 seasons. I don't know why.
Joe Millionaire: They tricked the girls into thinking he was rich, but he wasn't. But he was cute.
Dancing With the Stars: I watched the season with John O'Hurley. The finale was devastating and I have never trusted reality t.v. since.
2008 Current Season:
Hell's Kitchen: I don't know why...I don't. The guy is so mean. And that Matty guy (matty?) looks like he's always going to cry. I don't have a favorite but instead I am curious about how this whole thing is going to work out.

Now, if I were in a reality t.v. show I would create one similar to Billy Madison. I would want to re-do K-12 public school. In elementary school I was pretty smart, plus, I had a bunch of friends. Unfortunately, my brains and popularity had a slow decline starting in junior high. I wonder if I didn't do excellent because I was lazy or if it really was just too tough.
If anybody wants in on the show, send a 3-sentence essay describing why you would be a good cast member and why you deserve the prize. I'll let you know.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

"i'll be too shy"

I know there is no use in beating a dead horse but....I had dinner tonight with my niece. It went down like this (totally out of the blue):

Marlie - "You'll probably sleep alone in your bed for the rest of your life."
(her mom told me Marlie had been telling her, recently, that she doesn't want any aunties to get married)

Me - "Why wouldn't I want to?"

Marlie - "No one wants to. But I can live with you at Grandma's house."

Me - "Don't you like uncles?"

Marlie - "Only the ones I've got. I'll be too shy for new uncles."

Great. She found the root of all this evil "dating game" crap. I'm too shy to find a "new uncle." When it comes down to it, all I can do is throw out quick-witted insults. In my brain, I have good, sincere feelings but they can't beat the sarcastic crap that pours out of my mouth.

I'd ask for advice but I know myself too well. Your ideas are great but there's just something too scary about really trying them. Thanks for your time though.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

From: An Honest Niece

Based on Joey's honest co-worker, I would like to reiterate some highlights from her honest niece about why she doesn't have a boyfriend.

* Girls who don't have boyfriends aren't pretty enough.

* I don't like aunties to have boyfriends.

* You should play adult games with them.

* You get a boyfriend when you have a baby in your tummy. He becomes the daddy.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

From: An Honest Employee

Reasons you won't get married:

  1. controlling
  2. would have to balance the checkbook
  3. anger issues
  4. issues with working nicely with others
  5. mean to everybody
  6. can't keep a fish alive for 6 months
  7. drugs pets (who knows what you would do to your significant other)
  8. work at DI
  9. bitter towards everybody
  10. won't take the first step....talking to men!
  11. people get scared off when you say "I'm a job coach at DI"
  12. bad short-term memory
  13. no regard for life - animal or otherwise

I got this letter at work today - addressed to "A Very Bitter Job Coach" from: "An Honest Employee." A small group of high school boys have some sort of problem with my age and marital status. They are too young (too dumb) to know any better. My only concern, I guess, is how quickly one of them put this list together.

Pretty funny, right? Right?

Friday, April 18, 2008

Another Unfortunate Loss.....

It has been 3 days since my poor "Buddy" passed on. It was a peaceful evening. It's such a load off of me to not see him suffer anymore. He had lost all strength and his power against the filter. I had to do something for my dear, dear friend. Buddy died in his sleep.....a deep sleep.
I have decided against posting the exact details of his death but they are available upon request.

Lesson Learned - Benadryl doesn't just put me to sleep.

Friday, April 11, 2008

An Unexpected Visitor

On my arrival home, late last night, I found a most unexpected new friend in my flower bed. Who is he, you ask? I don't know. What the crap? My mind raced with quesions, similar to the questions now swirling in your own mind.
1. Is he here by mistake? Misdirected? An error of judgment?
2. Why did Kayli buy this?
3. Did Jon leave it for Kayli? (He's more of a flower kind of guy)
4. Is it for me?
5. Was it Katherine?
6. Do I have a secret admirerer? (please, let it be this one)
7. Is it dead? (asked by the little girl next door)
8. How do you start asking around for clues of the flamingo sender?
9. Will there be a note somewhere?
Please, be at ease. After 27 full minutes of confusion and anxiety, the mystery was solved. The sender made him/herself known. Now....we've just gotta think of a name for our new pink friend.

An Unfortunate Loss....

Have you ever saved a most beloved friend from the death grasp of a water filter? I have. More than once. First, it was Doj (dodge) the frog. I think she was dead before being sucked up because her little hind flapper feet were a little bloody. Next, was Turd Fergeson. He loved to lounge to close to the indescribable sucking machine and he was just too tired. So his eye got vacuumed in. Thankfully, after unplugging the filter, Turd swam away.

I wonder if that caused him to go blind? Maybe because he was blind, he couldn't see the flakes of fishy goodness that I was feeding him. And probably because he wasn't eating, he lost all strength and passed away peacefully in the night.

After arriving home last Sunday night, I followed my usual routine of running straight up the stairs to check on the fish. This was a particularly fast run because I had left them over night. To my own horror I saw Turd again sucked into the filter by his eye. All I remember was yelling (maybe screaming) and fighting to get the cord unplugged. All the while in my mind, I'm quietly laughing at my oddly frantic behavior. After all, Turd isn't even my favorite fish. Well....I unplugged the filter and Turd slowly sunk to the bottom of the tank.

It was a short funeral and an even shorter grieving process...but I'm still a little shaken up.

Now...Buddy (my favorite fish) has been a most loyal companion these last 6 months. I just can't motivate him to swim around like a normal fish or to quit hanging out upside-down all the time. I'm afraid the veil of his mortal fish life is thin.

life lesson learned - goldfish are not disposable pets....I have an unhealthy emotional attachment to them

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Good Wishes from the Political Elite

I was recently invited to the White House Press Association Dinner as a representative of Joey's paperless blog. Both the President of the United States and the President of California send their best wishes to Joey in her endeavors to enlighten the world with her insightful observations.

Pres. Arnold says he is working on a Disneyland Inflation Relief Package and will keep us aprised of new developments.

Pres. Bush thanks Joey for her unwavering loyalty and apologized for the rotten Democrats who butchered the tax relief package and gave it to children and poor people. T
hat's right, people who don't even work.

(I would like to note that yes, I always wear a t-shirt and velour pants to White House Press Association Dinners.)

Friday, April 04, 2008

the happiest place on earth, or so they say

The deal is, I went to Disneyland. I don't own a camera and so I have stolen these pictures from Katherine's blog. Our (the trip goers) saving grace, or at least Anne's, was the miracle of winning Year of a Million Dreams Fast Passes. Many things were direct results of being miracle winners:

a - Anne stayed at Disneyland all day!
b - people were jealous of us
c - as we experienced losses and casualties, the fast passes boosted our spirits

I love Disneyland a lot. I ate churr's, cotton candy, mickey mouse shaped pretzels, and a lot of other good stuff for the price of a small child. It was a great trip.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I've fallen into the hands of technology

I began my blogging days back in March, March 30th, to be exact. I had the innovative idea of blogging on paper. The paper blog was 2-fold:
a. I like to be different from everybody else, and
2. I didn't have a computer handy, nor do I own a computer that works.
I look forward to publishing my paper blog posts on this site in the future. My blogging plans include maintaining both a computer and paper blog.

All I hear about it people starting a their own blog....I want my ideas to spread farther than I can travel with my notebook and the U.S. Postal service is getting pricey. This is why I have finally given into the "computer" thing.

I used to be more into technology but one by one by electronic goods have bit the dust. For example:
digital camera - a slow death ending with a good slam against my car
lap top - I was full of electricity and shocked it so well it no longer can power up or do many other important lap top things
cell phone - drowned during an incredible ride on Splash Mountain
i-pod - took a mean spill when I was running on a tread mill

So as you may see....I've covered a lot of ground but stilll have a long way to go before I'll really be into technology again. I'll keep you posted.