Thursday, February 23, 2012

Love Month - bed

I have always been quite a fan of my bed. I bought it for myself in 2004 but only got to use it a little bit because I left it home when I moved to Logan to finish school. It's the perfect size and height. Because I have to climb up onto it, it feels like an island of relaxation. Jake works every night until 3 in the morning, so I still get to sprawl out and use one million pillows. When I got Jake, I also got the two pillows from his old bed. He uses the one that's it so squishy and he gave me the nice squishy one. My great-aunt LaRue gave us the best sheets as a doing gift. I've never had such good sheets before. They're so very soft. When Jake comes home during the night he covers my head with the blankets while the lights or tv is on. That's my favorite part of the night because I get to burrow down in like I'm hibernating. I know people wish for more time in the day but if that wish ever comes true, I'm going to add it to my bed time, for sure.