Monday, February 06, 2012

Love Month - Wendy

By guest blogger Wendy

My sisters are hilarious. I can't explain why. You might have to be one to understand. We've cracked each other up in some exciting places - the River Walk in San Antonio, the empty karaoke lounge of a cruise ship afloat somewhere in the Caribbean, and the Eiffel Tower. Well, not the Eiffel Tower exactly, but the Eiffel Tower restaurant in Las Vegas. Wherever we are, we have a good time.

The in-laws are pretty hilarious too. You haven't laughed until you've played Telestrations with Tiff, or asked Amber to set up a camera on a self-timer, or read Jake's responses to The Boy's Facebook posts.

In addition to being able to laugh in any location around in/near the U.S., we also stick together during tough times in/near our home. Sisters make the best friends. That's what I love during Joey's love month.