Saturday, April 30, 2016

April 2016

From my 2016 Mason Jar Journal:
  • 4.2.16-4.3.16 - We watched and listened to another wonderful General Conference; focus felt like we are children of God, to improve love, compassion, and service, and to start where you are
  • 4.4.16-4.8.16 - We spent the week in Snow Canyon (St. George) with the kids and my family; perfect weather and fun house for the kids; lots of visiting and fun; Dad got a call from the Ogden Temple President to make an appointment - mom and dad were asked to be a temple worker
  • 4.6.16 - I did my first session at the St. George Temple with my sisters; it had an interesting design and decor; I did the work for my grandma's cousin's stepmother, Luanna
  • 4.8.16 - I adopted a Maine Coon cat, Stella; she's 4 months old and the adoption was $40
  • 4.9.16 - Tammy married Brandon Bills in the Ogden Temple; the day was beautiful; the sealer advised them not to compare themselves to others, compare yourself to your covenants
  • I made a new friend at work, Jessica Saari; she's a development counselor and we like to play cards at lunch together
Ogden Temple. A talk in April 2016 conference said we should see ourselves in the temple.
Henrik loves to play in the sink. He never wanted to stop. His mom was mad and said she would teach any baby I had to play in the sink. She forgot!

Anne, Wendy, Joey at the St. George Temple.

Abbi and Noah playing on the red rocks.

Grandpa Hansen and Noah playing in the rocks.

Joey and Abbi in a little rock canyon.

Foster kitty, Stella, a Maine Coon, and Baymax.

I wanted to keep Stella to see how big and lazy she would get but we only had her a week or so before we gave her to a forever home.

Noah's 1st-grade program.

The kids talked me into letting the dogs ride to school with us. They both escaped at the drop-off. I had to chase them around in my pajamas!

Tammy's beautiful wedding.

Tammy Markland married Brandon in the Ogden Temple.

Jake, Abbi, Noah, Joey at Tammy's reception.

Joey and Jake at the Ogden Temple for Tammy's sealing.

Auntie Jubby and Henrik in St. George.

Climbing the rocks in St. George.

Joey at the St. George Temple.

Abbi and Marlie playing with Wendy's phone.

Elizabeth, Abbi, and Noah on our way to St. George.

The indoor pool at the St. George house.
Marlie, Abbi, James, Jack, Noah, Elizabeth lined up.

Abbi, Elizabeth, and Noah on our way to St. George.

Abbi, Mom, and Noah listening to general conference.

Hugo listening to general conference.