Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Love Month - Angry Birds

Until recently, I have never understood the "Angry Bird" craze.  I tried to play it a couple times on my sisters iPhone, and I still didn't get it and not just because I had no idea how to play.  But, I will admit that I do love Angry Birds now.  The other day, I downloaded the Rio one too, because I got as many stars as I can on the original Angry Birds.

Let me tell you what really amuses me about the game ....

When I play it, I get angry.  It makes me so mad when the stupid pigs smile with their teeth and laugh when I don't kill them.  I HATE their laughing and smiles.

When a brick or something knocks over on a pig's head, sometimes it doesn't kill them.  I think if I proportionally buried a pig in bricks and logs, it wouldn't live.  But in this game, they do!  I hate the pigs!

In the Rio version I have to kill monkeys now.  I feel worse about killing them.  Why would a bird want to kill a monkey?

Maybe I'm missing something about the story of the game, or why pineapples and flowers are worth so many points.  Whatever the case may be, I appreciate the Angry Birds keeping me company.  I also loathe them ... and their pig (or monkey, respectively) companions.