Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easters 2011

Abbi danced so well at the Bear River Easter Dance!  She practiced the chicken dance all week.  The Easter Dance was a new fun thing for me but an old fun thing for Jake and Abbi and Noah.  I like Noah's sporadic solo dance in the background of Abbi's dance.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

30 days....still counting

I'm sure you're familiar with the phrase of counting down to something.  NASA does it.  The NBA does it.  Kids count down to Christmas.  109% of employees count down to the end of the work day.  I'm involved in my own kind of count down right now.  Oddly enough, my brain automatically started counting down to my wedding day.  This was one event that I made a conscious decision to not count down to.  I thought it would just make the time unbearably slow.  In fact, for my whole life (of when getting married was a hypothetical situation) I decided to never try to plan or watch the clock (biological or otherwise) of when I should get married. 

There is a book called Happier.  It's about being happy now instead of counting down to when to be happy or what might make you feel happy in the future.  And today, I was reading from my favorite book about the armor of God.  There's a quote from President Jedediah M. Grant about choosing happiness all of the time. 

Here are the brass tacks:  How about I count up instead of down?  How about whether news is exciting, fun, or disappointing I count my blessings and choose to enjoy myself?  Really, I like to be happy and have a good time.  I just need some kind of reminder every single day, and sometimes hourly, about how happy I am.  Don't get me wrong....there are lots of good reminders: faces of people I like a whole lot, phone calls from friends who never forget me, a delicious meal once in a while, etc.  I can count all of that stuff up.  So that's the new plan.

I'm counting up.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

preparing for a May wedding

The photo shoot went very well, as you can see.