Thursday, February 02, 2012

Love Month - Bug

I love 1st mom.  I love families.  I love my pups and my cat.  I love Danielle's cat.  I love to read a book. 

Love means love people. 

How would I know if you love me? "I do because you're my mom."

It broke Noah's heart when he broke the apple cutter.

If you love someone you get married and say I love you.

You're best friends if you love someone.  You play animal games if you love someone.

I love everybody in the whole world.

As a footnote, I'd like to add something that I really love about Abbi.  This morning, I was reading an article in the Ensign.  It's called "Exhort Them To Pray."  I hadn't really thought a lot about what I was reading when I was interrupted with Abbi folding her little hands and saying a blessing over her bowl of cereal.  There is something about Abbi's prayers, that remind me every time I hear her pray, how we should speak to Heavenly Father.  Abbi tells Him about what she is doing and what she is going to do. And later in the day, when she prays she does an excellent "return and report" by telling Heavenly Father how her day went.  Abbi is so humble, honest, and loving.  Instead of learning how to "exhort them to pray" I was taught by Abbi's sweet prayer about Cheerios, school, seeing her mom later, etc.  I know I got the best end of the deal the day I got Abbi in my life.


Ana said...

You are such an amazing woman Joey!Enjoy your little ones :)