Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Paul Mathews

Maybe I've never told you about my previous faithful home teacher. His name is Paul. Unless you know him and you know me, this may not be funny. I laid there for at least a full 10 minutes. Trust me. It is funny.
By the way.....one week after this incident, we were paired up in a blind-fold, egg balancing game. We lost. I led him 30 yards further than the turn-around point, attempting to run him into Willard Bay. I was provoked. Jennie Wilder made me do it.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Apparently, I have prematurely announced a post that continuesto be unavailable to my general readership. Until I have procured the photographic evidence, I have chosen to prove to any and all skeptics, that I am not lonely and I have plenty to do. The following is not an exclusive summary of my doings.
#1 - Watercolor - I got a set of watercolors from my boss. It came with a brush and 8 colors. I can now illustrate any story told to me, by request, and then mail the signed original to the story teller.
#2 - Piano - I'm afraid I let myself get a little rusty. I've been practicing. My goal is to meet or beat my previous ability (which shouldn't be tough).
#3 - D.I. - The other night I bought a few things. For $17.00 I got 4 shirts, 2 puzzles, 1 CD, and 1 picture frame. I have now worn 2 of the shirts, displayed a photo in the frame, started one puzzle, and gave the other one away. It turns out that for the life of me, I cannot figure out how the heck to know which piece goes where. But I now vow: I will not pick this puzzle up until every piece has been jammed into nearly the right place.#4 - Handiness - There are projects that have been waiting quite some time to be completed. This is the evidence that the closet door that sat next to the dryer, for one year, is now in operational mode. I do not mean to imply that I hung it myself. I do not mean to imply that I helped the person who did hang it. What counts is that it's done.
This concludes your short look into my spare time. Anyone is welcome to join me in my endeavors.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Something great is coming...

I'm awaiting the photographic evidence but will soon post something almost spectacular. The circumstance nearly equals the time I saw a Happy Gilmore fight in real life. You know, when Happy pulls that guy's shirt up over his head and wraps it around him. Anyway....I can't wait!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Ethical Question of Pie

As a correspondent to Joey's paperless diary, I would like to share the highlights of my tour of the Centerville DI yesterday afternoon:

1) Joey wears a festive apron at work.
2) She is just a little small young person who works with a bunch of adults.
3) The Centerville DI does NOT smell; it is pleasantly odorless; and
4) Its merchandise is arranged in a visually appealing manner (Joey and I both appreciate the Oprah tip of color-coded clothes), AND
4.5) The floors are so clean you could eat off of them. I've heard enough stories that I probably WON'T EVER eat off of them. But they are very clean.
5) Rumor has it that people come to the DI to exercise. You read right - not "to look at secondhand exercise equipment", but "exercise".
6) The Centerville DI does NOT carry "rad funkin retro" clothes. And finally,
7) Joey and her coworkers have secretly hoarded no less than 100 Marie Calendars pie tins. I wonder whether her blog readers would find it ethical or unethical for Joey's coworkers to turn donated pie tins in for free pie. This is an entirely hypothetical scenario of course.

Back to you, Jubby!