Monday, February 29, 2016

February 2016

From the 2016 Mason Jar Journal:

  • 2.10.16 - We went to the open house for the Provo City Center Temple with Anne, Mom, Dad, and kids
  • 2.11.16 - I went to a chalk art class that Cathy Burrows Wall taught and visited with Stacy Cragun Potter
  • 2.13.16 - Jake and I celebrated the 5th anniversary of our engagement and the 3rd anniversary of our sealing; the date was cut short with a sick little Noah
  • 2.21.16-3.5.16 - Jake traveled to California for work; it felt like he was gone forever; we were glad it ended and that it's the longest trip he's been assigned
  • 2.24.16 - Abbi and I went to her first Young Women's New Beginnings
  • 2.24.16 - Noah got his own dog, Hugo, a yellow lab. He's 9 months old and his birthday is 9.7.15

Alleson, Anne, Joey, Wendy at sister dinner in Centerville.

Hugo is Noah's dog. We adopted him from a family who said he was scared of animals bigger than him and they do lots of rodeos. Hugo has lots of good manners and is very loyal. We call him Lick Lick because he could spend all day licking Noah, and Noah lets him. When Noah is gone for the weekend, Hugo will find one of Noah's socks or underwear to carry around. He is very soft with his toys and carries Baymax around, too. The only naughty things he does is because Daisy makes him.

Mom and Abbi at her first Young Women's night.

Engagement (2011) and Sealing (2013) Anniversary

Abbi holding Henrik; Noah and Elizabeth

Toby and Noah

The kids had a wild late-over with their friends.

Joey, Cathy Burrows Wall, Stacy Cragun Potter at Cathy's chalk art class.

Daisy likes to have a junior bacon cheeseburger for her birthday dinner.