Monday, March 20, 2017

We're Having a Baby!

 To tell the kids about the baby we played some of the old baby shower games. Diaper a monkey, figure out what's in the diaper, etc. We asked them why they thought we were playing those games and they had no idea. So, we gave them certificates of promotion to Big Sister Level 2 and Big Brother. They still didn't get it. Finally, we just told them we were having a baby. They still didn't believe us. It took a few minutes to click. And then, it took a couple hours to sink in. After they got on board, they immediately started picking out names, deciding the gender, and became my little mother hens. This is going to be one of our greatest adventures yet!

Jake built the baby an amazing gliding cradle. It's so perfect and pretty. While I am still living in a world of disbelief myself, he did this to show me that he believes it and it's really going to happen. I'm grateful that he's letting me go through my own process of getting rid of fear and daring to be excited.


The kids have put the cradle through extensive testing. The few baby things we have are all in working order and have been nicely broken in. The monkey has had several bottles and Baymax has been diapered.