Thursday, February 28, 2013

how could I forget?

Abbi and I made a giraffe for her Valentine's box.
Abbi is really into painting.  She even had a painting class in the after-school program.  We're going to work on making a little photo album with a picture of all of her paintings...easier to store, right?
Abbi and the entire 2nd grade memorized the Gettysburg Address and recited it in front of the whole school.  They were all dressed like Abraham Lincoln.  She did really great!
It's Dr. Suess' birthday on Saturday so we all became Cats in the Hats at preschool.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mid-February Update

Jeremy is going to be 38 this weekend.  But maybe he's 40.
My dad always talks mean about this dog.
Jeremy and his 'friends', Lilia, Liza, and Bryan.
The fire alarm is the song of my people, or at least the sound track to my cooking.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

abbi & company

I have a few little stories about Abbi that I don't want to forget, because they're pretty great.  I love to flip through my blog book each year and find stuff like this.

On February 13th, we were having our family pictures taken outside of the Brigham City Temple.  The photographer, our friend Nate, told Abbi to say "I like boys!"  Matter-of-factly, Abbi said, "I do like boys."  Nate snapped the picture and then Abbi said, "I have a boyfriend."

What a surprise!  It was so funny!  We had never heard those words come out of her mouth before!  Jake hadn't heard what she said.  His face was priceless when he found out!

I guessed that her boyfriend was Austin, but she said it's Alex.  Later, she told Aunt Anne that she hasn't told Alex yet.


This school year has been a major success so far for Abbi!  She has excelled in her school work and is really becoming her own girl.  She is confident and social.  We are so proud of her!

All this year, she has been dealing with a challenging friend.  Let's call her Ginger.

Abbi and Ginger are together ALL day.  They have the same 2nd grade teacher and they also are in the same group in the support classes.  The way Abbi internalizes her feelings and becomes anxious or stressed is opposite of Ginger.  Her anxiety and stress all comes out and Abbi has been the target all year.

We have had a few meetings and the staff and teachers have been very supportive.  Accommodations have been made but there are still periodic run-ins, as Ginger is an expert at finding the split-second an adult is not watching her.  Through this, Abbi has maintained her grades and an extremely enthusiastic attitude about school.

One day, Abbi was kicked three times by Ginger.  When I picked her up from school and asked about her day all she told me was that a few kids did not "respect the rules about icicles."  It wasn't until later, a teacher called and told me what happened.  Abbi didn't even care enough to say anything about it.

Jake and I talked to Abbi about what good friends are like and what to do when someone treats you not like a friend would.  The next day at school, Ginger apologized to Abbi and in response Abbi repeated our conversation about she wants to be Ginger's friend, but she'll wait until Ginger knows how to treat her.  The conversation was really groundbreaking for both girls.

Last week, Ginger was sitting outside the classroom when we left after Parent Teacher Conference.  Abbi gathered up her things and then asked Ginger if she wanted a hug.  The two girls had a quick hug and we were off.

The next day, the kids and I visited a couple of bookstores with my mom.  At Barnes & Noble, Abbi asked if she could pick one out to give Ginger as a Valentine's surprise.  She picked one out but I emailed Ginger's mom to make sure they wouldn't be offended if we gave it to her.

I think Abbi liked it because she is really into American Girl right now and she always love books to write in.  She thought Ginger would love it, too.  I was a little worried Ginger's mom would think we were not being very nice. But, it was graciously accepted.  Ginger's mom hoped that Ginger would be grateful and hopefully want to return the favor, as that would be good progress for her behavior.

Abbi loved taking the gift to school.  She had written a note inside and was so excited to see if Ginger would like it.  She did!  And, over the weekend she picked out a book that Abbi loves and gave it to her.

Abbi has been a great example to me of patience and friendship.  She doesn't hold grudges, she just keeps loving.  Of course, I would rather she never have hard people or hard things to deal with but she does.  And, she shines right through them!  I love Abbi!

Friday, February 15, 2013

look who learned to write letters

Apparently, Noah has secretly been paying attention in preschool and with his LeapFrog Scribble and Write.  I don't know if I'm a good mom that he knows how to do this or a bad mom for having no idea that he could do it.  This morning he wanted to write on Abbi's chalkboard.  He never has before and felt a little sneaky.  Noah wanted to write his name.  After a few minutes, he asked me to look at his work.....

HOLY COW!!!  He knows how to write his name!!!  I don't think he understands how cool this is!

Next, he wanted to write my name, dad's name, and Abbi's name.  I only had to show him a M, D, and b.  He did all the rest himself.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

we have SEALED the deal!

We prepared the paperwork TWO years ago, and now, after a lesson in love and patience, Jake and I received clearance from the First Presidency to be sealed to each other.  We couldn't believe it when the letter came in the mail.  The day before it arrived, I had been in a beautiful sealing room in the Brigham City Temple.  I told anyone who listened that I couldn't wait to be in there {hopefully this year} with Jake.  The very next day, I was on the phone scheduling that very room!

Jake and I were sealed in the Brigham City Temple tonight, February 13, 2013.  We were engaged two years ago, today.  Our first date was on August 13, 2010 and our wedding day was May 13, 2011.  You could say we like thirteen, although only the wedding date and today's date was on purpose.
Our friend took family pictures for us outside the temple before we were sealed and I can't wait to see them!  Our guests began to arrive and so we made our way in.  I still can hardly believe this day came and we really got to be sealed together.  Being in the temple was a beautiful experience.  The workers there took such wonderful care of us and serve in the temple with love.  The Bride's Room was beautiful and I felt so special that I got to use it even though I am already married.

The sealer, Brother Lund, was so kind and shared wonderful thoughts with us.  After our guests greeted us and left the room, he shared a few more special thoughts with Jake and me.  He also prepared some things to say and give to Abbi and Noah.  After we were sealed, and went to change, he went downstairs to the waiting room and visited them.  He and the Assistant to the President loved them and told us how attentive and wonderful Abbi was.  They said Noah was very attentive and bright, and he had a lot to say.

When we got back downstairs the men at the front desk told me not to forget the kids.  I looked over to the waiting room door and saw Noah pressing his face and hands against the glass, smiling and waiting for me to come in.  Abbi and Noah showed us the picture they each got of the temple and the brochure that had a picture of the sealing room we were in.  I can't be more grateful to them for taking time to visit Abbi and Noah.

I loved to see every face of those who came to support us.  I was worried for a minute that my grandma hadn't come, but she is a little grandma and she was on the second row.  We had so many family members and friends there and I appreciate them so much.  I was especially happy to be there with my parents, Wendy, Anne, Jimmy and Amber, RaNae, and Moose. 

I have waited and wanted this day to happen for my whole life.  Waiting the last two years was quite a test for me in patience and God's time table.  I grew in love and confidence in my marriage to Jake.  We were meant to be and there is no way my life would be complete without them.  I have learned more than I thought there was to learn about love, patience, sacrifice, and happiness since becoming a wife and a mother.

On our way to dinner, afterwards, Noah heard me apologize to Jake for my waterworks.  He asked, "Was it a sad cry or a happy cry, Mom?"  It was really, really happy.  I've never had better tears in my life.  As Marlie {my Little Goo-Goo} might say, they were "salty tears of happiness."  I'm a pretty happy Joey.
Cody covered his face because he accidentally smiled.
Eating the condiments.
Twirling in her new twirling-dress.

Monday, February 11, 2013

642 Things to Write About

642 Things to Write About

The Long-Lost Roommate

We called her "Invisible."  She lived at the end of the hall, across from Lisa's room.  They even shared a bathroom.  Invisible never left her room when she was in Logan and she NEVER stayed in Logan for the weekend.  Her real name was Britney, I think.  I'd have to check with a more reliable memory to know for sure.  We never heard her last name or any details about her life.

One afternoon, she came into the kitchen to make herself lunch.  I was in my room just next to the kitchen so I came out to be friendly.  I sat at the island and tried to make conversation.  I got only grunts or silence in response.  Invisible worked at the counter with her back to me.  Finally, she turned around and said, "You seem like a really nice person."  With that, she walked back to her bedroom.

Before Christmas, Lisa, Shari, and I decided to have our own celebration.  We exchanged gifts and made breakfast together.  It was a little awkward when Britney walked through.  I wonder if she thought we had all known each other before Logan, because we didn't.

One day, I don't remember if I was sitting in the kitchen when she came through or if I found her out there but I'm pretty sure I asked her if she was a friend of Britney's.  It was Britney.  She wasn't wearing makeup that day.  My bad, seriously, my bad.

The best thing about her was the day a maintenance guy knocked on the door and said he was supposed to fix something in Room #4, Invisible's room.  I let him in and went back to my homework in my own room.  After a few minutes he walked down the hall, threw something in the kitchen garbage, and left.  Lisa or Shari was home, too, and we couldn't resist.  We pulled the note out and read, "Girl locked in her room.  Apt. 6A Room 4."

Invisible had locked herself in her room, by accident I would guess.  She had a window that goes right out to the lawn.  She had two other people in her apartment.  But, she called the office and asked for help.  I wonder what the guy thought when he had to come and let her out.  It was so funny, so very funny.

Who knows where she is now, what she studied, or even how old she is.  I think she was four or five years older than me, at least.  Wherever she is, she's given us a few fun memories of Oakridge Apartment 6A. 

Saturday, February 09, 2013

642 Things to Write About

642 Things to Write About

Something You Had That Was Stolen

I have no recollection of having anything stolen from me.  But there are a few things I would miss, if they were taken, and a few things I wouldn't miss, if they were taken.  

Things I wouldn't miss {in no particular order} :
  •  my mattress
  • vitamins
  • facebook
  • paint, playdough, glitter
  • camp gear - don't tell Jake  
Things I would miss {in no particular order} :
  •  Aveda products
  • my iPad
  • the Round {my special denim pillow}
  • Pinterest
  • my secret Amazon wishlist

Thursday, February 07, 2013

horrible mom dreams

I hope this isn't a bad thing to confess, and I really hope I'm not the only one who has experienced this but I've had some horrible dreams about Abbi and Noah lately.  I'm so scared to even let them away from me because I'm afraid they'll get hurt.  This morning, I woke up yelling, "My baby! My baby!"  In my nightmare, Noah had a horrible accident and I couldn't save him.  I dialed 941 instead of 911 so it took extra time to get on the phone.  I was screaming and running down the stairs to find my baby.  I couldn't tell the operator on the phone anything because I couldn't stop screaming for Noah.  Oh my goodness, it was horrible.  He's downstairs playing right now and I can hardly deal with it.  I'd like him to come be with me but he won't accommodate me.  Has anyone had dreams like this before?!?!  I have a lot of bad dreams but I really hate that my kids have been in them lately.  Darn it.

642 Things to Write About

642 Things to Write About

I am an astronaut.  I had a perfect day.

I am the 10,000,000th million person to travel into space.  Our family is moving to Jupiter where I have been offered the prestigious position as Captain of the DIY Industry.  I never imagined I would ever travel into space due to my horrible fear of the black, gravity-less, overwhelming darkness that space is.  But, I've consented due to the fact that there hasn't been an injury or fatality related to space travel in over 100 years.  The technology and equipment offer a comfortable and luxurious ride.
There are booming economies on every planet.  I'm so grateful I was offered Jupiter when I was chosen as one of the nine Captain positions.  Mercury has a failing ice making industry.  The people there love the sun and heat but really haven't put two and two together, yet.  Venus had a successful market in shaving techniques and products but it seems humans are really pulling away from daily hair removal.  The industry there has yet to learn about the laser/Nair techniques used on Earth.  Earth's captain is having a heck of a time due to the struggles between the nations there and the total lack of financial sense.  We were able to change our money to Juppy's before the dollar lost all its value.  Fashion rules Mars.  They seem to be focusing a lot on mustaches right now.  What's the deal with mustaches?  Saturn can't seem to sell their vehicles.  I never thought Saturns were popular on Earth, I can't imagine how they'll sell them solar system wide.  Uranus has the monopoly on plumbing and paper making.  Neptune has taken over the music and entertainment industry.  It's such a pain to change all of my iTunes over to nepTunes.  And, Pluto, a joke.  It's the laughing stock of planets.  It has become a tourist attraction much like the Disneyland of Earth.
We live a comfortable life, much like Earth.  Jake leads the way in all home improvement, restoration, motorcycles, and hunting endeavors.  Abbi and Noah are in the top of their classes.  Abbi excels in her science and art endeavors while Noah has become quite an expert in fort building.
    The DIY Industry on Jupiter is prosperous and flourishing.  All creative resources are in abundance and at my disposal.  As Captain, I have the edge in DIY creations.  I see, review, and analyze every DIY project before it is released to the solar system.  I have several special projects teams working solely on my ideas.  We're on the brink of major break-throughs in the most efficient laundry system.  We've already conquered meal planning, homework stations, and Subway art.
    In addition to the opportunities we each have, there is and abundance of space available for pets.  And, due to the limited gravity, their hair sticks to them so there is absolutely no shedding.  Any animal can live in the house.  Also, we're testing out a new additive in animal feed that changes the function in their brains to make clean-up apart of their natural behavior.  All animals are automatically housetrained and clean up after themselves outdoors.  We have a clowder of Maine Coon cats we brought over with us, in addition to the dogs and farm animals Jake brought along with him.
    I never imagined I'd become an astronaut/travel into space, but I did, and I am having a perfect day.

    Tuesday, February 05, 2013

    642 Things to Write About

    642 Things to Write About

    My Facebook Status Updates for 2017

    February 13, 2017 - "Jake and I were sealed and became eternal companions four years ago today.  We got engaged six years ago!  Happy Day, Love Dove!"
    May 13, 2017 - "Sixth anniversary is candy or iron so I sculpted Jake his favorite treats with the help of the local horseshoer.  I hope he likes it!"
    June 5, 2017 - "I've been out of highschool longer than I spent in all of my school.  Dang it."
    August 7, 2017 - "Noah is getting baptized today.  I am so excited for him and so proud to be his mommy!"
    September 7, 2017 - "This marks the last year of Jake in his mid-30's!  Happy 36th, Lovey!"
    October 17, 2017 - "Mid-30's ... I heard this is supposed to be the best decade of my life.  I'm hoping this is the best year of the best decade."
    November 3, 2017 - "We have a teenager!!!!  Abbi is 13 today!  I can't believe it!  I'm so happy to be her mom!"

    Sunday, February 03, 2013

    642 Things to Write About

    642 Things to Write About

    A houseplant is dying.  This is why it needs to live:

    Grandpa/Uncle Paul has seen better days.  His strong, bright green leaves have turned downward.  There is red creeping in where there should be no red.  His fight towards the sunlight streaming through the window is a battle he can hardly bear to win.  But, once again, I decide to come through for him.  I give him a little twist towards the sun and fill the pot with water, making the soil soft again.
    I save him because we've been together along time.  I just can't let him down.  You see, I've had some long lasting bamboo plants around.  In fact, I have one now that has got to be nearly four years old.  He's seen better days, too.  But, Grandpa/Uncle Paul and I are connected.

    I got Uncle Paul in March of 2007.  He came in a wicker basket.  He seems to be quite a hardy plant, easy enough for even me to keep alive.  I had just moved into my Layton townhouse when he came home with me.
    I got Grandpa in November of 2007.  I thought he would make a nice addition of greenery in my small townhouse.  As it turned out, his plant wasn't as forgiving as Uncle Paul.  Rather than lose the whole thing, I transplanted Uncle Paul into Grandpa.  Uncle Paul was a good plant and Grandpa was a much nicer pot than the basket that Uncle Paul came in.

    So more than just what you might call an emotional connection to the Grandpa/Uncle Paul, I have a connection of time.  I have very little that has been with me as long as them.  I have a different home.  I had a Prius then and have had a Rav4 since, and now drive a van.  I was very single and now am married with two children.  I had a job in Centerville then, transferred to Harrisville, and am now a homemaker.

    The few things that might still be the same are my toaster, my purple coat, my bed {but not the comforter}, my cedar chest, a painting of the Ogden Temple {which is now outdated}, a two-drawer filing cabinet, my washer & dryer, a small bookcase, and maybe some socks.  Can you see why I have to keep the plant alive?

    Friday, February 01, 2013

    642 Things To Write About

    642 Things to Write About

    The Worst Thanksgiving Dish I've Ever Had

    The plate was filled with perfectly moist white turkey.  The stuffing was perfectly seasoned and still steaming on my plate.  White, fluffy mashed potatoes were piled high with the hot gravy spilling over.  The vegetables were cooked to perfection and added beautiful color to my dish.  And for dessert, an American tradition, homemade apple pie.

      And, there was an audience of people.  Waiting, watching for me to take even one bite.  Wondering if I struggled with just one bite, how long it would take me to eat the entire plate of Thanksgiving feast.

        There was no hot roll, with butter melting from the heat.  There was no fruit salad that tastes like dessert.  There were no finger foods like sliced cheddar and black olives.  There was no fresh lettuce, no toppings for any lettuce, no vinaigrette dressing.  And for dessert, there was no pumpkin and no pudding pie.

          What a nightmare.  I'm so glad that never happened.