Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 2016

From the 2016 Mason Jar Journal:

  • 1.1.16 - Cody wrote our VUDU password on his New Year letter in 2015
  • 1.10.16 - The bishop and stake president gave uplifting talks about choosing faith and honoring our parents by how we use our electronics
  • 1.10.16-1-16.16 - Jake traveled to Alabama and we were all glad when he came home
  • 1.17.16 - I was released from the Relief Society Enrichment Committee
  • 1.20.16 - I got new glasses, shopped with Mom, and had lunch with Dad
Abbi does great at her sewing lessons!

Half of my life without Aunt Maureen.

We had a fun holiday out and about together.

Baymax and Daisy fight for the heat vent.

A quote I loved while studying.

The deer love our yard and come all the way up by the back door.

Cody was sworn in as a Riverdale City Councilman.