Friday, February 24, 2012

Love Month - Jeremy

Today is my oldest brother's birthday. Yesterday, Noah and I took him out to lunch to celebrate. Noah loves to hang out with Jeremy because they both love sports and the both love tools. And as much as I hate it, the both love Jeremy's tattoo sleeve that has a big, mean shark. When we came home after lunch, Noah spent the afternoon talking on the phone through his toy socket wrench to Jeremy. He kept asking him, "What are you doing?" They were on and off the phone for an hour. One for my favorite things about Jeremy, is how much he loves his nieces and nephews. He really likes his friends kids too. Every 4th of July, he takes our cousin's son to buy a load of fireworks and then lets him even light a few. Jeremy is very good at making kids feel importants. He's always done that for me too. Just this morning, I was scanning a bunch of pictures from when I was young. There is one of Jeremy and I all dressed up (Jeremy was in a tux) and he gave me a little pot of flowers. I think that day I was feeling jealous that he was taking another girl out to the school dance. He's done a lot of things like that for me. He bought me Doc Martin combat boots to match his, he bought me Girbough clothes when that was the cool thing to wear, he would take me for 10centers, even after they turned into 11centers, an he'd give me rides in his Harley. Now that I grew up he still does nice things like when he would hang my Christmas lights, let me keep a honey-do list for him to do on my day off, run errands with me, hang my decorations at home,and now he even helps Jake when we need him. As a surprise he designed and created a leather owl purse for me for Christmas. He is so talented with design and leather. Look him up on under jwhansen to see what he makes. Happy birthday, Jeremy!