Saturday, December 31, 2016

December 2016

From my 2016 Mason Jar Journal:

  • Noah and I went to Great to Be Eight for primary
  • I went to the David Archuleta concert with Kayli
  • 12.5.16-12.15.16 - Jake traveled to Columbus, Ohio for work
Noah, Dad, and Abbi home to celebrate Christmas.

Dad and Mom (Larry and Melanie)

Our backyard view on Christmas morning. We couldn't even see how big and close the mountain is.

Noah built this snowman all by himself.

Grandpa wearing Abbi's new Christmas hat.

Baymax wearing the harness Abbi asked for for Christmas. He hated it. He just rolled around while he had it on.

We played Noah's new card game on Christmas, Oregon Trail.

Kids' Christmas letters and lists.

Dad slaughtering the kids at Monopoly.

Abbi and Noah playing the long, long round of Monopoly.

Joey and Jessica Saari at work at DI.

When the kids thought shoveling was fun.

Joey left alone for the night so I took my treats to bed.

Kayli Robinson Pena and Joey at the Nathan Pacheco & David Archuleta Christmas Concert.

November 2016

From my 2016 Mason Jar Journal:
  • I went on a trip to NYC with Anne, Wendy, Marlie, and Abbi for Abbi's 12th birthday; we saw Aladdin on Broadway, went to the Manhattan Temple, went to church in Union Square, visited the Statue of Liberty, and stayed in Chinatown
  • I hosted FMC (cousin/aunt/grandma night) in September and November
  • Abbi started Young Women's and got braces
Noah and Dad took day off for fishing while Abbi and Mom were in NYC. Noah came out to the barn and said, "I'm wearing my work pants, Dad." Dad said, "Well, I was thinking of going fishing." Noah didn't miss a beat. "Good news! These are my fishing pants, too!"

Noah made Abbi and Mom a welcome home poster!

Jake finally played cards with me!
Looks like these are some goals Noah set for himself.

Hugo missing Noah while he was away from the weekend.

Abbi's before braces picture.

Abbi's first day of braces.

Noah's thankful list.

Kirk Bitton put this on my back at work.

Mom and I let the turkey chill in the sink with a Coke and the remote.