Monday, May 05, 2014

backyard love

I'm not sure how we made it almost three years without a yard of our own!

We have years of work ahead of us out there, but it has been so fun for all of us.  So far, at least.

Last weekend, I added a little color with flower pots, hanging baskets, and my house-warming {yard-warming?} gift from my sisters - the owl bird feeder.  There's no way to count how many species of birds live out there but they are piggy about the bird seed.

Tammy helped us with the flowers, the grilling of the chicken, and messy s'mores.  I hope she doesn't feel pressured to be our friend but there isn't one of us who wonders where she is on the Sundays she can't spend the evening with us.

Sunday afternoon was beautiful weather.  We couldn't help ourselves, and it only took a minute after talking about it before we had a fire started and hot dog sticks out.  The kids came home and we roasted dogs, had a picnic on the lawn, and then roasted "mallows" for s'mores.  They were the messiest and most delicious dessert we've had in a while.

Happy Spring!