Sunday, July 31, 2016

July 2016

Joey and Dad on 4th of July.

Joey and Jake on the 4th of July.

Henrik and Auntie Jubby on 4th of July.

Noah so excited on the morning of 4th of July.

Noah's 7th birthday party a week early at Grandma's.

My associates said I looked like a 12-year-old boy. They were right.

Jake made jam with our apricots.

Daisy napping in the sun, reading a book.

This naughty chicken escaped the yard and I had to find her in the dark.

Jake made us an indoor herb garden.

Jake and Joey on Hilda the Harley.

Noah at the North Ogden park on 4th of July.

Marlie, Abbi, and Noah on 4th of July after the North Ogden park.

Abbi and Marlie ran the Riverdale 5K with Jimmy and Amber.

Abbi and Marlie before their 5K.

Noah gathering candy at the Riverdale parade.

Abbi riding with Uncle Cody in the Riverdale parade. Anne was their driver.

June 2016

From my 2016 Mason Jar Journal:
  • Lots of people donated towards a service project I did for NUSANE, the sexual assault exam center
  • Abbi played a great season of softball as shortstop, catcher, and even learned to pitch
Hilda the Harley

Poop Snout

Toothy Smile

A funny donation at the DI.

Noah wanted to help with dinner by shaving the potatoes.

Noah and Abbi in Mantua Lake. Hugo and Daisy hated for them to be in the water.

Another donation at the DI that came through with my friend's name on it. I love Mitch.

A joke left on my desk by Kirk Bitton.

Field trip to the dairy in Deweyville to see the cows, Quinn, and some of his kids.

Abbi going to the waterpark with her friends and no parents!

Abbi at a softball game.

Abbi sewed this shirt at her sewing class.

Wild Noah says he'll grow up to be evil.

Noah and Abbi think they'll stay in this tent all summer.