Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Month - Valentine's Day

This would have been a good post for me to learn how people do slideshows or collages of pictures on their blog posts.  But, learning is hard for me so we're gonna have to deal with scrolling through all of these crazy pictures.  Furthermore, as I have recently commandeered Jake's computer, I don't know how to fix red eye anymore so we're also going to have to deal with alien children this round.

 Abbi and Noah enjoying macaroni and cheese hamburger helper.  I don't know why they like it.

 Mr. Cupid, who obviously despises Valentine's Day, came into our house and stole all of our party treats and Valentine's while we were waiting for the cousins to come over.  We went on a hunt for more heart-shaped hints.
 I thought of this about 10 minutes before the party was supposed to start.  Apparently, my skills don't improve whether or not I have time to spend on a project so the kids didn't know how quickly I threw this all together.  Besides, I obviously wasn't involved because I had an alibi.  The kids loved the mystery and went wild, literally, quite wild.

 Grandma and Grandpa were no help to the children.  They too, were quite surprised with our party predicament.

 When we found a clue upstairs in Noah's room, we heard the front door SLAM and Grandma started yelling about a fast little diaper wearing thing that ran in and left all our treats back on the kitchen table.  We ran down to see if we could catch Mr. Cupid.

 We didn't catch him.  And Grandma and Grandpa didn't give us a very good description or direction to go after him.  Luckily, this did free Toby the Cat from all of the insinuations and accusations that he was actually our culprit.  Marlie thought that Toby was so guilty he may even begin to speak to us this very night.  I would have liked that.

 We partied hardy, ate the giant M&M cookies, ice cream, other treats, exchanged Valentine's and played and played.  Like I said, the children were, quite literally, wild.  Uncle Cody didn't help keep the place calm as he was teaching Ju Jit Su moves step-by-step to whatever child stopped to listen, or even watch the YouTube how-to videos.

What a fun night!  Abbi and Noah were so glad to have their cousins over to help them solve our mystery.  I understand that Valentine's Day is for people in love, but I LOVED this Valentine's Day more than any other.  It would have been over the top if Jake had been at home instead of at work tonight.  He did bring me roses at our 30-second exchange of vehicles and children.  And....he ordered me a Vintage Pearl necklace.  I can't wait to see it!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Post and pictures are coming.....we're looking forward to our little party at home tonight!!  I wish I could see Abbi's face this morning.  I put up a bunch of decorations and tied Valentine balloons to all the kitchen chairs after the kids went to sleep last night.