Thursday, September 09, 2010

a few of my favorites

the tongue
the smile
the tongue
a messy face
grandpa S. and grandma H.


Stone Family Labor Day Picnic

i LOVE labor day....and my family too

Jon Schmidt Concert at Thanksgiving Point

I don't have any pictures or video of Jon Schmidt or the music he played.  But I do have a few sister stories and a photo of a horrible date going on before our eyes.
  1. I accidentally told Wendy about how I call her a diva behind her back.  A diva is a good description of Wendy when she is tired or hungry.  Anne agreed with my assessment and added that I (Joey) am like a troll under a bridge when I am tired or hungry.  I guess I'd take that over diva.  Anne is neither of these things because when she is tired she sleeps and when she's hungry she eats something. 
2. During a short intermission, J. Schmidt catapults ding dongs into the crowd.  It was very dark and he was worried he was going to hit someone.  I said, "I wish I got hit by a ding dong.  In my dreams....."  Who would complain about being pegged with a wonderful chocolate treat?  And who wouldn't believe that it's realistic for me to have that kind of dream?
  • If you have ever been to a J. Schmidt concert you would know that he's a comedian.  The guys is hilarious.  I love all of his jokes.  Even if I have heard it at all of his other concerts, I still laugh.  He really knows how to put on good show.  My sisters say I go for the humor not for the music.  That's not true.  I go because he is an artist of blending music and jokes.
  • At one point during the concert, Wendy really needed to excuse herself.  She had to gear up for it because she was a little nervous.  She thought maybe a crazy piano nerd would attack her.  Or that she would encounter children, germs, or uncleanliness.  She was wrong on all accounts.  She was able to safely "excuse herself."
  1. And finally....there was a couple on a date sitting on a blanket in front of us.  They arrived before we did, and we were early.  I can't recall either of them ever speaking a word to the other.  The girl would sneak and look at her cell phone once in a while and they both would take pictures and stuff.  If one laid down the other sat up.  They never sat close enough to reach the other with less than a 3 foot 9 inch stick.  Looked unbearable.  So we left.  Literally, we left the show early.

"If you're hungry, eat something!"