Monday, October 31, 2016

October 2016

From my 2016 Mason Jar Journal:

  • Jake and the kids made a Snickers and Nerds costume for Halloween
Jake and the kids made these awesome Halloween costumes!

Abbi and Maggie Mendelson in their last elementary school parade.

Noah in the school parade.

Jake helping with pumpkins.

Toby dressed up for Halloween!

Daisy (2015) because she ate her costume.

I got a jury summons in the mail on my birthday. I was called in for selection. It was a murder trial over a drug deal in Riverdale. I was excused from the jury due to my relationship with Riverdale City Police.

Mom and Noah at Great to be Eight, the baptism preview for next year.

We saw this goat standing on the window ledge on 2600 North on our way to Jimmy's house.

Marlie and Abbi being weirdos while thinking of everything they want to do in NYC.

Noah brings me beautiful things he finds in the yard.

Another NYC art piece by Abbi.

I put this on at work (which I usually would NEVER do) but I had seen a video of a mom wearing one alone in her car, laughing so hard at herself. It is hilarious! I was laughing so hard while I had it on. The associates couldn't believe I was being so silly. If I ever see one at the store, I'm buying it.

Abbi getting immunizations for junior high.

We took the dogs to a new vet to have their nails trimmed. It was horrible. The tech didn't know what she was doing at hurt both of them. It was a bloody mess. The vet sent some treats and a gift card in the mail to apologize. The dogs ate the treats but we didn't ever go back there.

Kids made me lunch for work.

Dad in one of his funny t-shirts. He loves them and so does the grandkids.

Birthday t-shirt from Anne.