Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Love Month - Leap Year

I didn't come up with anything really creative today for us to do to celebrate Leap Year but I thought about it all day at work.  I decided that since Abbi loves the kitchen, I would let her make us an afternoon snack.  She chose pink milk and vanilla pudding.

Noah wasn't quite sure how to take what was going on.  Abbi made him two cups of pink milk, so he was a pretty happy camper.  That is until Abbi and I had our backs turned and he started to make himself a third cup of pink milk.  There was Yoohoo powder all of the counter.  While I removed him from the equation for a minute, Abbi "cleaned up" the mess.  She wiped all the powder off of the counter into her hand and put it back in the yoohoo container.  Yup.  She solved that dilemma.

After she stirred and refrigerated the pudding, Abbi decided to add green food coloring because tomorrow is March.  To my astonishment, she didn't want any sprinkles!  I dished up our pudding while she made herself another cup of pink milk.  I was gobbling my green goop when Abbi muttered, "I don't like this."  She didn't dare taste it.  Once she did, she agreed she would eat maybe half of her pudding.

She totally enjoyed herself, which was the point, I guess.  In better news, she got on a kick being in charge of the kitchen" and cleaned up a few other things too.  I like Leap Day.

p.s. After the kids go to bed, I'm going to celebrate Leap Day by watching one of my favorite movies, Leap Year.  So cute!

and LOVE MONTH 2012 came to pass ....


I've thought long and hard about how to make Leap Day a memorable one for the kids. I'm only going to see them for an hour and a half before they go for their weekly visit so it's gotta be something to fit in a short amount of time. In "leap days" Abbi and I will be the same age tomorrow, so I'm trying to use that for inspiration ... I'll post the details after our short Leap Day interlude this evening .....