Sunday, February 12, 2012

All About Me - #6

God and the World
Do you believe in God? - Yes
Describe God - I am His child.  He loves me and I love Him.
What religion were you raised with? - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Do you practice this religion? - Yes
Your most spiritual moment - I've had many over the course of my life, it doesn't just have to happen once
The last time you were in a house of worship - last week, or today really
Death is - not the end
How you picture the end of the world - There is no end, but there is a plan
God has spoken to you - Yes
What did God tell you? - what I needed to hear
Do you feel that most wars are started because of religious conflict? - not necessarily
Does life exist on other planets? - Probably
Have they made contact with us? - I don't think so
Do you believe we are descendants of Adam and Eve? - Yes
Do you believe in evolution? - No
Do you believe in astrology? - Not in the way it is used now
Do you read your horoscope? - Not anymore
Have you ever been treated by a psychotherapist? - Yes
Why? - Anxiety
Do you believe in reincarnation? - No


Wendy H. said...

Why does that book ask you all those questions about religion then at the end it says "Have you ever been treated by a therapist?" What kind of agenda does that book have? Nevertheless I like the posts that are all about Joey.