Monday, February 13, 2012

Love Month - Engagement Anniversary

WARNING: MUSHY, GUSHY STORY, but I never wrote it down before.  Welcome to the debut of our engagement story.

Never in my life have I had a desire to stay up late.  I enjoy, appreciate, love, desire, want, and need a lot of sleep.  That hobby (the sleep) used to be accompanied by early mornings.  I literally enjoyed the "early to bed, early to rise..." stuff.  A couple years ago I learned to sleep in.... until about 9 a.m. 

Last year at this time, Jake and I were burning candles at both ends. I would be awake late, late into the night because I didn't want to go home, or for him to go home, or to hang up the phone.  My brain kind of twisted around and said that I'd rather get little to no sleep than not be with Jake.

(As a side note, just now, while I was typing brain said, "Who is Jake?  This isn't real."  I'm still getting used to the idea that Jake is real, and we're married, and I get to have him forever.)

Back on track now.....  Anyway, I loved the weekends while Jake and I were dating because that was the most time we could spend together.  Because of the distance between us, and the children who actually have to sleep, we would hardly ever see each other mid-week.  I couldn't wait for work to get over on Saturdays!

Last year, February 13th was a Sunday.  I had arrived at Jake's early that morning to go to church with him and the kids.  After the kids had gone to bed, Jake and I were watching a movie on the couch, or the kissing couch as my mom would call it.  The winter makes Jake's hands so dry but he feels like lotion is not really for manly men.  He would rather rub greasy lip chap all over his knuckles.  He says it sticks better.  Better than lotion?  Right, right.  Everyone but Jake knows lip chap does not beat the effectiveness of Aveda Lotion.  Back to the story...

Although he complained, I rubbed my very special Aveda Hand Lotion on Jake's sand paper knuckles.  He left the room for a minute and when he came back he said he wanted to put lotion on my hands too.  So while I watched the movie, or slept, Jake rubbed the lotion on my hands and I felt a little ring slip on my finger.  I didn't rush to look because he messes with my heart ring all the time, but then he asked, "Do you like it?"

I did like it.  Jake gave me a beautiful blingy diamond band, just like I had wanted.  He picked it out all on his own.  I'm so glad that he asked me to marry him that night.  He had a more elaborate way to propose but he said relaxing together seemed more our style.  And it is.  More than any date we could go on, I love ending up watching a movie together, dozing in what I like the call the "sleeper hold."  It's the perfect way to lay by each other with my head on his shoulder.  I fall asleep in 60 seconds while he watches the show by himself.  Perfect.

Much later that night, I drug myself to the car and drove home.  So, so tired.  So, so happy.


Alicia said...

This story gave me goosebumps. Thanks for sharing cute girl.