Sunday, February 05, 2012

All About Me - #5


Something forbidden you have done that might even surprise your closest friends - I stole a calendar from a co-workers desk because it made fun of George W.
People should not marry before this age - 21 years old
People should not have children before this age - 25 years old
Your most recent lie - "I'll ask Jake and get back to you."
When you are late for an appointment and it's your fault, you - tell the truth
A lie you tell yourself is - "I'll do it later."
Something you have stolen that was not worth the risk - I don't sneak to steal
One person you have killed in your thoughts - I don't imagine-kill people, I'm more mob-like - I make them disappear
One person you might kill if you knew the law would protect you - I would never do the dirty work
One thing you are addicted to - satisfying my food cravings
If there were no side effects, you would enjoy being addicted to - more food
As an adult, you have hit another adult - not as a grown up
You have been arrested - no
You have read someone's diary or gone through someone's personal belongings without permission - Yes
Which best describes your reason? - curiosity + no self-control
What did you discover? - secret facts and items
A time you purposely hurt someone emotionally - I've made people cry with my honesty; it wasn't intentional, I can't control people's reactions
You have apologized - when necessary
A time you accidentally hurt someone emotionally - every time I said stupid stuff at stupid times
You have apologized - Yes
You owe someone money but have stalled in paying it back - no stalling and no one but my dad