Friday, August 24, 2012

when did I change?

I guess there comes a time, for pretty much everyone, when you don't get new, random friends when you get somewhere new.  There are friendly people almost everywhere, but not like when you're young.

We went to Abbi's school Open House the other day and when we left Abbi showed us this:
She said she has a new friend.  On the first day of school, we saw her again and made sure to learn her name.

How old were you before you wouldn't have given this note to someone?  How long has it been since someone treated you so nicely?  Why does age keep us from being so welcoming to new friends?  Are we too busy?  Think too little or too much of ourselves?  Think too little or too much of others?  Can you think too much of others?  Should that keep you from introducing yourself?

A couple of months ago I was having lunch by myself in Ogden.  I liked to get away from D.I. to eat and read on my break.  I would always sit alone and enjoy whatever I was reading and a big, cold Diet Coke.  On this particular day, a man came into the restaurant where I was eating, and was talking to everyone he passed.  In my mind, I felt like he was lingering and bothering people who were having lunch or visiting with who they had come with.  I made a judgment about him and what kind of person he was.  When he came near me, I made sure to move my iPad and turn my body away from the other tables or people.  I didn't want him to talk to me.

As soon as he went by, I wondered why I had judged him.  I thought, "He is a child of God, too."  Unfortunately, that wasn't a natural thought for me.  But as soon as it passed through my mind, I felt bad for my thoughts and actions.  What would have happened if he talked to me?  Nothing.  I could have been polite and said hello to him, too.

I guess I have some work to do.


Jimmy,Amber,Marlie,James and Jack said...

I'm so glad she is making new friends. I always tell Marlie you can never have enough friends.