Wednesday, August 29, 2012

a blast from the past

I've been going through all of my mom's old family night and neighborhood preschool materials while I have been preparing for preschool.  The stories I have been keeping, I have retyped because the old typewriter or purple ink photo copies from decades ago, won't last forever.  Here are the first two I have done.  I'll add more as I get them done, in case anyone is interested.

The Tater Family
The family of Common, Irra, Imma, etc., working together to have more harmony in their home.  I was thinking, for our family, I will put, "Hello. My name is:" tags or toothpick flags with names on real potatoes for the story.  Of course, for dinner we will be eating potatoes.

Where Dinosaurs Roam
A trip into the dinosaur age where you meet dinos with poor manners.  For this one, either I'll do clip art of the dinosaurs on tongue depressors or I'll use the toy dinos we've got in the toy box downstairs.

Santa Makes a Change
Santa thinks his suit is outdated so he tries out a few alternatives.  When we use this story, I think our theme will be, "You get what you get, and you don't throw a fit."

Bugs at School
Bugs eat the garden and flowers, and bugs can bug in school too.  Maybe use this on Manner's Day?