Sunday, August 12, 2012

this is me

this is me

The Motor-Vu to see Ice Age 4 with the kids.  We read stories until it was dark and then loved the show!
Jake and I took a random drive and climbed a little hill we found on a dirt road.  Hello, Willard Bay!  Such a great afternoon ... no homework, no work, kids were away ... It was weird to have that time to ourselves!

So I know this isn't really about me, but I really want to feature the person I'm most grateful for.
Jake works so hard for our family, and in whatever little time he has away from work, he spends time with us and does good things for our family and friends.  He is empathetic and selfless.  He'll do anything for a family member or friend and I appreciate that so much about him.  Jake loves and takes care of me and I love him for that, but he also does what he can to take care of others and I really love him for that.
So on this About Me day ... I say, I've got a great husband.


Katherine said...

Yes, you do! And he's got a great wife. :)