Friday, August 17, 2012

Hulahoop Kickball

While I was hoping to facilitate a fun round of Kickball Croquet, it turned into a fun race of Hulahoop Kickball.  It turns out that by the end of a week-long vacation, I'm a little worn out.  I changed a few of the Cousin Carnival Olympic Games but the kids didn't even know.  They had lots of fun running and chasing each other.

For Hulahoop Kickball, I laid out the hulahoops and gave all the kids a small dollar-store ball that they had to kick (no hands) from one hoop to the next.  They had lots of fun.  We played a few versions of kicking or throwing it through a hoop that I held in the air.  I think what we all know is true ... kids don't care how great the game is, they just want you to play it with them.
After the Kickball Games, we played a vigorous round of Balloon Pingpong!