Thursday, August 02, 2012

W is for WRITING

W is for Writing

Don't be fooled ... I really toyed around with the idea of writing about W.  But, I'll save another day for a post about him.

Why I Like to Write

I don't know when or why I started writing.  It seems like I was anti-blogging when I first learned about it.  I even started a roast on blogging in a notebook - the no-techonology-needed-blog.  Then, it happened .... was born.  It seems like it began with very ridiculous editorials on Disneyland prices and reckless apologizing.  Now and then, I still really appreciate those helpful thoughts, but I can see I've fallen into regular boring blogging.  But I still like it.  Let's make a list of why this may have happened:
  • Someone may have tried to make me feel good and said I was funny, so I believed it.
  • I think the WWW cares about my feelings regarding failed baking attempts, drawings that wouldn't belong in a monkey cage, and worst of all ... l o v e.
  • I've gone through a lot of pets.
  • I have the cutest family ... nieces, nephews, kids, husband, sisters, parents, brothers, etc.
  • I traveled around a little bit.
  • It seems like if I write it, then it won't be a secret that I'm nuts.
  • Maybe if I write, someone will agree and I won't be alone in my normal/crazy thoughts.
  • I don't write in a journal much at all anymore, so maybe this kinda counts.  I print the year of posts every January, so that counts, right? 
  • I think I'm funny.
I could use some feedback ... such as:
  • do you have any ridiculous topics I could eulogize?
  • have you heard about something that could use an established opinion such as mine?
  •  where should I go from here?
  • have you or are you experiencing any social awkwardness that I could give my valued feedback on?
  • do you need to know how to talk to another adult about things like hygiene, bad habits, lying, etc.?
If you don't write anything, you should try it sometime.  Write me a letter or something.  


Uno said...

Joey...We are wondering where you are late for work and your boss is worried? Please make sure you call in when you are going to be late....Thanks...


We hope you are well and we miss your quick wit and sarcasm. We need Ipad pictures and Amber wants to be Facebook friends with you....

Give us a call...


Gabriel and Amber
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