Thursday, August 23, 2012

Z is for ZOO

Z is for ZOO

Tricky title because I'm really going to stray ....

Have you ever wondered, "How did I get this old and not know that?"  That happens to me once in a while.  Here are somethings I may not know a lot about...

history, math above algebra, vocabulary, lingo that may be naughty but it seems like other adults know, animal species, the Old Testament, cooking (like hard boiling an egg), science in general, etc.

Every time I ask my sisters what something means they tell me to look it up ... or they laugh and tell me to ask our mom.

Here's a funny tidbit ... I have always thought about being a teacher, like for high school.  I felt like there wasn't more than one teacher I had in high school who prepared me for college.  That's the other funny thing ... I have a college diploma ... where I got good grades.

Z is for Zoo because when I was a teenager my dad noticed that I had no idea what most animals were.  I couldn't identify them by sight.  So, he took me on a field trip to the zoo.  When I was younger than that my mom already had noticed I had an animal-identification problem when I pointed out the elephants as we drove to West Warren.  They were cows.  My brother had taught me they were elephants and no one every corrected me.

Further more, before I transferred to Utah State, I commuted to Hyrum for work.  Do you know people have things other than cows and horses in their yards?!?  There were llamas and other things too.  I think bison? buffalo? ox?  I'm still not sure.

Then, I moved to Logan and lived across the street from the Ag Physiology Farm where there were a lot of sheep.  One day, I saw a dog chasing them all around.  It was a sheepdog!  He moved them from one corral to the other.  Sheepdogs really move the sheep!  What?!?!

Anyway, Z is for Zoo and other things I don't know.