Sunday, August 05, 2012

this is me

this is me

What I Learned at D.I. (2007-2012)

I can't decide if this should be a bullet-point list or an editorial.  I bet that I think of more things to say about the D.I. as it becomes more of a memory.  Here are a few tidbits...

A lot of the operations at Deseret Industries could be modified to be much more efficient and consistent.  But, the purpose of the D.I. isn't to run an profit-driven thrift store.  It's about the people inside.

Work is a principle of the gospel.  It's much easier to make positive changes and to build self-esteem when you have something productive to do every day.  Work isn't just for money.

Sometimes, the struggles and burdens people carry (whether self-inflicted or not) are giant.  And overcoming them is really a miracle.  I've learned that the struggles that people have are not for me to judge.  How they come upon those circumstances are so varied, and generally so sad, that their sins and addictions were results of something bigger than what we might presume.

Having a supportive family, having a bishop who knows you, knowing your neighbors, and being loved is a BIG deal.

Education and work experience is invaluable.  Illiteracy is among us and it is a very difficult accomplishment to learn reading, writing, and simple math as an adult.

Living, at least to adulthood, without being introduced to drugs and alcohol (especially in your home) is rare.

Abuse exists in many forms.

Some fear success just as many of us fear failure.

Heavenly Father knows everyone and he puts things in their path that will bless their lives.  But agency still prevails and individuals must choose whether or not to accept the blessing.

Giving compliments and positive feedback can change relationships and introduce trust.

Telling someone you trust them may be words they never heard before.

Donations to Deseret Industries are consecrated donations to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  They support a program that is greater than what is seems from the outside.  Until you've heard a "Success Story," you'll never understand what your support of the D.I. is really worth.

That's all for now.... but I'm sure there is more to come.