Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I've fallen into the hands of technology

I began my blogging days back in March, March 30th, to be exact. I had the innovative idea of blogging on paper. The paper blog was 2-fold:
a. I like to be different from everybody else, and
2. I didn't have a computer handy, nor do I own a computer that works.
I look forward to publishing my paper blog posts on this site in the future. My blogging plans include maintaining both a computer and paper blog.

All I hear about it people starting a their own blog....I want my ideas to spread farther than I can travel with my notebook and the U.S. Postal service is getting pricey. This is why I have finally given into the "computer" thing.

I used to be more into technology but one by one by electronic goods have bit the dust. For example:
digital camera - a slow death ending with a good slam against my car
lap top - I was full of electricity and shocked it so well it no longer can power up or do many other important lap top things
cell phone - drowned during an incredible ride on Splash Mountain
i-pod - took a mean spill when I was running on a tread mill

So as you may see....I've covered a lot of ground but stilll have a long way to go before I'll really be into technology again. I'll keep you posted.


Katherine said...

Love it! Technology isn't that bad... well, unless you have a freak problem with static electricity. Stop shuffling your feet!!!

Jennie Freakin' Wilder said...

Joey!!! I think i will have to be a frequent flyer on your blog. I love it. sorry to read about your cell phone. Last time i went to disneyland my friend lost hers on Space mountain. It must be bad luck there. Anyway, thank you for sharing you thoughts with the rest of us bloggers. I'm so glad i get to partake. :)

Melanie said...

From cameraless to phoneless to computerless to paperless - you've come a long way Joey. Well done!

cacrowell said...

Welcome to the blogging world! It really is a lot of fun. You can get really caught up in it, though--so use your time wisely. My time has slipped into these parts for hours on end. It's certainly a super way to keep connected! Love the pictures on the sidebar!

Melanie said...

Wow, Joey! If you've done so many crazy things with your various techno gadgets, what's going to happen to your blog? Yikes!