Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Paul Mathews

Maybe I've never told you about my previous faithful home teacher. His name is Paul. Unless you know him and you know me, this may not be funny. I laid there for at least a full 10 minutes. Trust me. It is funny.
By the way.....one week after this incident, we were paired up in a blind-fold, egg balancing game. We lost. I led him 30 yards further than the turn-around point, attempting to run him into Willard Bay. I was provoked. Jennie Wilder made me do it.


Matt said...

Alrighty missy. I updated the day you went out of town, just to make you angry. Here is the update about that pet you were interested it.

Jennie Freakin' Wilder said...

Yes, I did make you do it and I have the video to prove it. I'll get that to you soon!! It definately needs to published on the internet in some form.