Tuesday, April 22, 2008

From: An Honest Employee

Reasons you won't get married:

  1. controlling
  2. would have to balance the checkbook
  3. anger issues
  4. issues with working nicely with others
  5. mean to everybody
  6. can't keep a fish alive for 6 months
  7. drugs pets (who knows what you would do to your significant other)
  8. work at DI
  9. bitter towards everybody
  10. won't take the first step....talking to men!
  11. people get scared off when you say "I'm a job coach at DI"
  12. bad short-term memory
  13. no regard for life - animal or otherwise

I got this letter at work today - addressed to "A Very Bitter Job Coach" from: "An Honest Employee." A small group of high school boys have some sort of problem with my age and marital status. They are too young (too dumb) to know any better. My only concern, I guess, is how quickly one of them put this list together.

Pretty funny, right? Right?


Anonymous said...

I just want to add that this list is also directed toward Katherine. Namely: #1, #3-6, #8-10, #13, and "fantasize about people getting injured, and psychotic to the extreme."

Matt said...

Wow, I had no idea that your employess thought so little of you. Your not like anything on that list. And why didn't you post fanatsize about people getting injured and psychotic to the extreme? I wrote...I mean somebody wrote them.....

Anne H said...

Sounds like your employees are getting information from Marlie.

S said...

sounds like he likes you! Maybe he's got the temperament for other things!;)
Hey- where's the tribute to me for getting your old computer up and running? huh!?!?

Alicia said...

High school boys = puke fungus. It should be more insulting if they say how cool you are.

Jennie Freakin' Wilder said...

Man, that FUNNY! I would like to know what high school boys think about my age and single status. :) There has got to be a logical reason for the anomally. I would have to disagree with the list though, it's not true plain and simple. If only it were as easy as making a list and checking it off as things change. Stupid high school kids. It will be fun to see what life teaches them.