Friday, April 04, 2008

the happiest place on earth, or so they say

The deal is, I went to Disneyland. I don't own a camera and so I have stolen these pictures from Katherine's blog. Our (the trip goers) saving grace, or at least Anne's, was the miracle of winning Year of a Million Dreams Fast Passes. Many things were direct results of being miracle winners:

a - Anne stayed at Disneyland all day!
b - people were jealous of us
c - as we experienced losses and casualties, the fast passes boosted our spirits

I love Disneyland a lot. I ate churr's, cotton candy, mickey mouse shaped pretzels, and a lot of other good stuff for the price of a small child. It was a great trip.


Katherine said...

Nice pictures... ;) I tried to e-mail them to you, but it said the file is too big. Maybe my computer and your flash drive can meet up some time. I'll have my people get in touch with your people.

Jennie Freakin' Wilder said...

The price of a small child huh? Oh well, who needs them anyway.