Sunday, September 21, 2008

Aspiration: Be A Bum

definition: to somehow support myself and remain or increase social activity while decreasing the time obligated to structured activities (ie: employment)
objective: to be obligated to as little as possible while still maximizing happiness


  1. no work = no work stress
  2. when fun happens, i'll be available
  3. in case i ever lose my job during rage i won't go through "failure depression" because i will have actually made a step towards my goal
  4. less people will be fighting against my existence
  5. could find some sort of fun, punk-kid type job
  6. save a ton because i'll be forced to move in with someone
  7. overall, i'd appreciate a lot of things about being a bum


  1. only have my income until i become uncontrollably honest
  2. can't live independently if i succeed in becoming a bum
  3. a lot of this seems selfish
  4. won't actually save a ton because i won't make as much
  5. may impede goals that are "wildly important"
  6. even if i have the time, i won't be able to afford all the fun that happens
  7. have to give up a few major assets
  8. my happiness may become shallow and temporary
  9. my time will become less valuable, thus taken for granted
  10. this all may mean i take for granted what i already have

I guess after thinking this all through it may not be what I really want. The grass was seeming greener on the other side until I really thought out what I'd lose. I do like all of the things I get to do and the things I have. Maybe if I learn to appreciate them more I'll watch my tongue, soften my heart, and protect what I've got.

Lesson Learned: Bums may not have the life it's cracked up to be.


Sister Jenny Hansen said...

OH MAN,,, I need to tell you in person,, but one thing I will tell you now is I SAW YOU WRITING THIS.... our blog secret

Anne H said...

You used bum and crack in the same sentence. Was that intentional?

Anonymous said...

that's pretty funny - and unintentional - actually it's really funny

Larry said...

Asspiration? To be a Bum. Rodney the Bum is good enough thanks! That's not a wise crack either. It's a vertical smile....Keep working little one.

Katherine said...

I love the lesson learned... very funny.

I'm still looking for a sponsor for my life, do you want to join in the search? I feel like that is the responsible way to go. :)

Matt said...

Katherine and Joey: There are plenty of sponsers available. I saw a delightful commericial to sponser underprivilaged kids in Myanmar. Maybe you could look into changing your nationality to become eligible.

Katie said...

very good, wise points. impressed.