Friday, July 06, 2012

you want to buy what?

Abbi: A parrot.
Me: Parrots cost $1,000.  How much do you have?
Abbi: $13.00
Me: When you have $1,000 you can buy yourself a parrot.

Abbi thought that if she sells candy, she'll earn enough money for her parrot.  We're hoping that day comes on about the same day she moves away to college.  But, because we support her entrepreneurial endeavors, Jake bought the stuff for suckers and I got to give them a try.  It was easy enough to do if you don't mind things like: waiting around forever because candy has to get to an exact temperature, having suckers harden inside your saucepan, pouring the 275 degree liquid into small molds without the convenience of a spout, etc.  Oh, well.  What's done is done.

Grandma Tracy brought us some molds and chocolates to work with.  The kids had so much fun working with her.  We kidnapped her for hours and she was held hostage by the children.  She had to read, watch movies, watch them play, eat Hamburger Helper, and make lots and lots of candies.

Abbi's prices have changed every time she is asked how much they are.  They have gone from $1 to $5 to $30 back down to $1.  She's sold on to Jake, her mom and Danielle, and Danielle's friend.  I think we're well on our way to the parrot.  Only $996.70 more to earn.