Sunday, July 08, 2012

this is me

this is me

How did you know that he was the "one"?

I think I just knew.  It wasn't like a lightening "HE IS THE ONE!"  It was more like, I wasn't self-conscious around him, we communicated (or Jake did, at least), he had fun and laughed, we talked A LOT, we just grew together.  Then, that scared the heck out of me (and Jake, too, I think).  So I ran away.  I thought that's what I should do.  I even felt like that's what I should do.  Then, I had a horrible six weeks because I felt so alone without Jake.  I totally rebounded on Christmas, poor soul, and blared the holiday tunes, went to every holiday activity I could find, decorated, cooked, baked, spent time with anyone who would, made my sister cry on Christmas about Skip-Bo, and felt so, so lonely.

Then, on New Year's Eve, I banned together with my friends to think about how awful this one guy had been to a really great girl.  How could he just walk away with no reason?  Whoops.  I did that.  The next morning, I took advantage of the holiday.

"This is Joey.  Happy New Years, Jake.  Good luck with the next semester of school."

On our "we can go out again if explain yourself" date, I told Jake I wasn't sure why I broke up with him, but that if he would let me have a second chance, I'd take it.  We both admitted we were a little nervous about how fast things had been going before and neither of us were ready to get married.

Fast forward two weeks .... let's get married.

Over and over, since that time, I've known and been reminded that Jake is "the one" for me.  Forever.


Wendy H. said...

You were really mean about skipbo that one time.