Sunday, July 01, 2012

this is me

this is me

How did you meet your husband?

Is it weird that I sometimes I feel funny about admitting where we met?  We met on  An extremely close relative and I decided to join during their free month.  My first day on, I got an email from Jake, saying something about the county fair.  We emailed A LOT for a few weeks.  In fact, the week I spent with my family in the nicest cabin we've seen, I hid in the basement emailing away.  I was really enjoying it.  At that time, I was also studying to take the entry exam for a Master's Program but I was really struggling with the math portion.  Jake offered to help me because, actually, he's quite good with math.  I thought, "Who does he think he is, being so bold?"  But I stood corrected after whoever I gave that excuse to, told me how rE-diculous I was being and that he was just being nice.
Then the day came, "Do you text?"  I decided to jump in and take the bait.  I emailed back my phone number.  And boy, did we text.  And talk.  And talk.  One night, we talked ALL night.  I'm pretty sure I wasn't conscious that whole time and said some pretty silly things.  Then the invitation ... "Would you like to come to the county fair with me?"  It was a few weeks away.  We made a plan of where to meet (because you've gotta play it safe when you meet strangers via the inter-web) and texted our fingers off.
After the entire night on the phone, Jake asked if I was really going to make him wait another couple weeks for our date.  Yeah!  We made a plan for just a couple days away to have breakfast.  Jake arrived (right at my door - don't try that at home, kids) and took me to breakfast to Kate's Cafe on 25th Street.  We walked on the river trail.  Then, we did a lot of talking on the couch.  That's right, talking.  My nerves made me pull apart my throw pillow.  He called me on that.  Whoops :)
The next day or two, Jake was a little withdrawn about US.  Us?  Yeah, us.  He had gotten a lot of feedback and advice, which may or may not have been merited.  So, I uncharacteristically, told him that I think if he needs to talk it out, that I should be included.  Jake came again and we walked around the park trail in the rain.  I'm not sure we even held hands.  The rain started to pour, so we went back to my house.  We talked until it was time for him to pick up the kids.  When he left, dun-da-da-dun .... he kissed me.  And the rest, is history.  History with speed bumps and tears and laughing and dates and kissing and food and talking and me avoiding talking and conference and parties and I-Love-You's and comedy and kids and advice and texting and a break up and loneliness and a great get-back-together fear and nerves and happiness and an engagement and pictures and moving and a wedding and a honeymoon and now .... the Tracy Family.


Melanie said...

What a cute story! When I found out you were engaged, I was anxiously awaiting a blogpost on how you met. How exciting!