Monday, July 30, 2012

Don't Be An Angry Bird

We've been working on learning that we choose our feelings.  I was really excited to find these finger puppets because I had an idea.  So late, late one night, I wrote a poem/story called "Don't Be An Angry Bird."  I'm gonna test it out with the kids and cousins and then maybe use it for preschool.  I wrote it for my kids thinking we would use it for family night or something.  I'm gonna post my poem but please don't judge me as this may be my best work.  Poems and drawing aren't my strengths so as silly as this story may be ... it certainly could have been worse :)

Dont Be An Angry Bird
By: Joey Tracy
The sun came up and the birds went out to play.
Mr. Polite Pig asked to join them today.

The first bird scrunched his eyes down tight.
“I am an Angry Bird and I use my eyes to fight.”

The next bird said, “We don’t want to play with you.
I use words to fight.  I’m an Angry Bird, too!”

The third bird made his voice very loud.
“Go away Pig!  You can’t fly in the clouds!”

Mr. Polite Pig asked Bird Number Four,
“Can you help me Bird Four?  I can’t open this door.”
Angry Bird Four wouldn’t even reply.
He flapped his wings and flew on by.

Pig and Bird Five were left to be last.
“Bird Five, let’s play now and have a blast!
We can take turns with toys, what do you say?”
Bird Five stomped his feet and marched away.

Mr. Pig was all alone out there.
He said, “I can be happy everywhere!
No matter what happens along the way,
I will choose to be happy every single day!”

Angry Bird One heard Mr. Pig’s song.
He thought maybe being angry is wrong.
He straightened out his face and went back to play.
“I’m not going to be angry.  I’ll enjoy this day!”

Angry Bird Two saw Bird One go back out.
He thought it might be more fun not to pout.
“I’m sorry for my angry words, Mr. Pig.
I’m going to use nicer words while I grow big.”

Angry Bird Three was sorry he raised his voice.
He apologized to Pig and made a better choice.
He thought if he tried to keep his voice down,
His friends and family would not need to frown.

Angry Bird Four said, “Ignoring you wasn’t nice.
I’ll try harder to do better and always think twice.”

Now Angry Bird Five saw everyone back at play.
“I wonder if I can change my whole day.
I’m sorry, Mr. Pig, that I stomped my foot at you.
I can be more patient and share the toys, too!”

Mr. Pig and all five birds were playing in the sun.
Mr. Pig exclaimed, “Choosing to be happy means we all have won!”


Amanda said...

Awesome poem! Your very creative. The kids will love it.