Thursday, July 19, 2012


U is for Universe

I'm scared of space.  I don't like to think about the universe.  I'm not sure why, but when I consider the infinite amount of space, or even just our own solar system, I get very scared.  It's like if I think about it, I might get stuck there.  Or, I might end up there with  no way home.  Or, if I fly there, then I'll get out of the shuttle and be abandoned and have to burn up there and die.  Or, the shuttle when never make it back to Earth and we'll run out of food rations.  Or, the other people with me will find out I'm not actually an astronaut, which would make me a useless individual to take into space.

I'm not a fan of the pictures that compare the sizes of Earth to other planets.  It scares me, too.  Maybe I have something opposite of claustrophobia.  But, that might not be 100% true.

I really like a book called the Kolob Theorem.   It has some neat pictures and describes some really cool ideas.  But I wouldn't ever care to see the views in space with my own eyes.

Also, why isn't Pluto a planet anymore?  If it already had it's status as a planet, what's the use in changing it?  The queen of England doesn't have the same purpose anymore but we don't stop calling her the queen.

Life is rough.