Tuesday, July 03, 2012

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Cake Balls
I baked a cake and then blended it up with the Kitchen Aid.  Next, I added a bit of frosting.  Too much.  Now I know.
Because I added too much frosting, I mushed in a couple of extra cupcakes that were hanging around.  Maybe could have used a few more.
Then, I plopped them around in some melted chocolate.  Didn't turn out well for me, so my aunt stepped in and saved the Cake Ball Day.
After they made it to the parchment, I decorated with other melted chocolate and sprinkles.  Could have been a bit more delicate with this part, I think.

Last, I closed my eyes and let my sister take a picture.
Lesson Learned:  I really LOVE cake balls.  Even if I'm not a pro, they still taste like heaven in my mouth.  This will certainly be my new go-to dessert.