Wednesday, July 04, 2012

my favorite day of the year

I have always loved and looked forward to 'Old Glory Days.'  I still try to hear the Riverdale cannon at 6 a.m. and picture my mom marching into my bedroom waving a flag with marching band music blaring from upstairs.  For a few years, I helped plan and carryout the Sunrise Service.  I even spoke once, along with my Uncle Mayor.  Another year, I asked the County Sheriff to speak.  The Sunrise Service has seen a lot of good voices over that small podium, on a small stage, set up in the cool morning shade.

After the Sunrise Service, you'll find a buffet of breakfast delight in my mom's kitchen.  We eat it up quick, in order to get our shady spot for spectating the Riverdale Parade.  The parade has seen some ups and downs, and even though the candy doesn't appeal to me anymore, standing there in front of the church, watching the parade, is a must-do on the 4th of July.

The parade goers follow the end of the parade and everyone walks up to the park.  This to has changed over the years, as probably my expectations of it have, too.  Either way, I won't go home until I find the cotton candy and do a fair share of visiting.  Last year, I heard a good description of 'Old Glory Days' as a 'Riverdale Reunion.'  And, so it may be.

Only one year, in all my years, have I missed 'Old Glory Days.'  My family went to the Philmont, New Mexico Scout Camp.  The only redeeming grace there was being with the Cooks and getting to know Elder Featherstone.  Philmont threw its own sort of celebration, and we made the most of it, I think.

The hot July celebration isn't complete without a few hours of lounging, waiting for the heat to subside and the sun to move over the trees to make the inviting shade in the yard.  The visiting is the best because sometimes it's our only chance of the year to see some of our small party attendees.  The grill is fired up and an enormous amount of food comes out again.  We linger over our food, going back for more, and finally dusk arrives.

Brothers are excellent things (is the PC to call brothers things?) to have around on the 4th of July.  They know how to BBQ and light fireworks.  We all line up on the curb with our lawn chairs and blankets to watch the brothers give a small show, which always includes a grand finale.

When our private show ends, the Riverdale fireworks display begins.  Now, in the past, some odd things have happened during this show.  Most memorable was a few years ago when the grand finale was lit first by mistake.  We thought either that show was going to  be the best we've ever seen, or there was an accident.  Too bad, it was an accident.  two years ago, we walked over to the stake center to watch from the ballpark.  A lot of people had settled in when the sprinklers turned on.  We all just shifted down to the parking lot.

One favorite thing I like to do on 4th of July is the Logan Fireworks.  Best I've ever seen.

One thing I hope to never repeat in my lifetime on the 4th of July is the Stadium of Fire in Provo.  Two reasons, but both valid enough to never want to return.

There you have it .... I love the 4th of July.  'Old Glory Days' is a uniting event to see come together in a community that has seen a lot of growth, but can still proudly put on an affair worth attending.  I may be guilty of "over-celebrating" but I'll over-celebrate with my head held high, my kids in tow, Jake while he'll humor me, and whoever else crosses our path.